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Friday 29 October 2021

UFO cults and the Kabbalah. Extract from new book.


                                                           The journey into mystery.

The order of Melchizedek seems to have a distinctly Levantine flavour in the Messianic expectation of UFO visits and Vallee reports that Zalman Shachter was involved in an organisation called the California Institute of Transpersonal Psychology and initiated eleven students into the Order of Melchizedek in a hot-tub. In 1947 Zalman was ordained a Rabbi within the Chabad Lubavitch Hassidic community and was a well-known Kabbalist who throughout his life advocated for and fully supported the LGBT movement and feminism. If the UFO cult is an agent of change then Zalman and his work represent one of its greatest foot-soldiers. In 1974 he ran a month-long Kabbalah workshop in Berkeley California and, based on the writings of Rabbi Leiner who lived in the early to mid-19th century, taught that anything, even what others consider sin and heresy, could be God's will.”

In a way, is it possible that the present LGBT movement and all the other agitators who rewrite the accepted social conventions are just an expression of Levantine currents going back to Rabbinical movements of the 19th Century and before. The idea that there is ‘no such thing as sin’ or that sin can somehow be beneficial, is a key belief of the Kabbalah and it is said that it is even essential to engage in sin, in order to receive a better repentance and draw closer to God. Personally, if I may speak personally in what I am hoping is a fairly rigorously annotated, evidence based work, I consider such thing to be the very doctrine of the devil.

Vallee comes upon the term ‘The Manipulators’ to describe unknown agents whom he suspects have an agenda of their own, which he seems to think is one of mass social-change and societal transformation.

Fairly recently, in December 2020 an article  appeared in which former  ‘space security chief’ named Haim Eshed is quoted in an article with the splash-line: “aliens exist, humanity not ready” and declares that the “Galactic Federation” has “been in contact with a certain middle east country and the US for years”.

"Speaking in an interview to Yediot Aharonot, Eshed – who served as the head of space security program for nearly 30 years and is a three-time recipient of the redacted middle eastern Security Award – explained that a certain middle east country and the US have both been dealing with aliens for years.”

But Eshed insists that Trump is aware of them, and that he was "on the verge" of disclosing their existence. However, the Galactic Federation reportedly stopped him from doing so, saying they wished to prevent mass hysteria since they felt humanity needed to "evolve and reach a stage where we will... understand what space and spaceships are."

This sounds like a rehash of the old kooky UFO cults which Vallee investigated in the 60’s and found little of substance except the strange evocation and hints at some kind of Levantine connection behind everything. Vallee reached the conclusion that something else was going on behind the mysterious façade of UFO’s and aliens but something even more mysterious deliberately generating this illusion and using it for their own manipulative purposes:

“The Manipulators... I have given this name to the hypothetical agents who might cause the UFO contacts and engineer their effects. Everything now centers on their role, their identity, their designs. Who could they be? Alien beings coming from the end of the galaxy? Psychic entities from the ‘other side’?...But perhaps we are looking far away for something which is right under our nose: could they simply be human? Could they be masters of deception so skilful that they plan to counterfeit an invasion from space? Beyond the attention of academic science, below the dignity of official history, there are groups, cults, and sects that serve as ‘leading indicators’ of mass movements.”

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I'm on FIRE with dat TROOF.
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