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The Psychic Chemistry of Cain Consciousness Part 2.

Unfortunately for us John Steinbeck was mistaken when he believed that evil could perpetuate itself only through the biological procreation of the Cain bloodline and this fact alone explains why the world is becoming more and more insane and why common sense and rationality no longer seem to be an active participant in directing the fate of the human race.

It is clear now that worldwide economic devastation is inevitable as is a huge worldwide conflict in which millions will be killed. Additionally it is quite likely that Fukushima is busy destroying much of the marine life in the Pacific ocean. Such facts shouldn't be inevitable of course, but we can see now that the rudder of control over the nations of the Earth has completely been hijacked by the multifarious international children of Cain and they have managed to position themselves in the key areas of international, national and local government, banking, business, entertainment and media.

Their control is now complete. We are now in the New World Order, there will be no televised news-flash altering us to the fact. We will just one by one, individually realise the fact on an experiential level. And we will either adapt or die, or develop mental problems. The other option is to transcend, which is by far the smartest and most difficult thing to do. The world under the New World Order will likely consume itself in bombs, garbage bags and nuclear radiation, leaving only the elite in possession of their deep bunkers with clean air from underground oxygen generators.

The reason they have been so successful is because they are possessed by what I will literally call an unearthly drive to fulfill their special agenda, and those servants of this agenda who are not completely under the thrall of this unearthly drive serve the power because they are either placed under special means of persuasion such as blackmail, or through the fear of losing their jobs and being unable to feed their families or maintain a holiday home.

Ultimately it is one thing and one thing only dragging this world to the gates of war apocalypse, industrial genetic and nuclear poisoning and mass destruction: fear. People not acting out of their own interests because of the fear of doing so.

Fear is the key force in Cain’s agenda, which is appropriate since the inner world of the Cain personality is a realm of fear and constant restless activity as we may observe for instance in the information relating to the Skull and Bones and protestant Orange and Black orders, which, like the Freemasons are based on the Canaanites rites of the Knights Templar.

This offensive practice is common to all occult bodies and is designed to intimidate the disorientated candidate, filling him with great fear. Its prime aim is to protect and secure the sinful selfish secrets and mysteries of this objectionable Order. Nevertheless, the Bible says, “God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind” (2 Timothy 1:7). 
In this interview the Black Grand Registrar reveals much about the actual nature of the Royal Black and its very reason for existence. In essence, he admits that it is a secret Order that is immersed in the accoutrements of death. He admits that it is a society that is in a continual state of mourning. Take away the mourning and the Black loses its identity. It is an Order that proudly parades the symbols of death as an outward representation of its inward beliefs and spiritual psyche. 
The skull and cross-bones is indeed one of the most prominent, yet distasteful, symbols within the Royal Black Institution. Whilst this symbol is universally accepted as a symbol of death, its significance within the Black is hidden beneath a shroud of secrecy and mystery. 
The skull and cross-bones is not merely a Black emblem but is an important exhibit used in its ritual initiations and in certain secret formal gatherings to lay stress upon, or represent secret esoteric teaching. In probably one of the most shocking practices existing within the Loyal Orders, the candidate entering the first degree of the Black – the Royal Black degree – is met with a display of human remains. There, before him, sits an actual human skull and bones amidst a gathering of sober Black brethren. As the entrant views the human skull he is solemnly instructed on the teaching of the Black on death, the resurrection and eternity.

There are presently three types of people on Earth. Those who are siding with the Cain consciousness and this has many subdivisions of degrees of commitment to what we will, for sake of convenience and accuracy call: evil. Some serve the Cain consciousness because they are wholly possessed by it, partially possessed by it, or just through personal convenience or a certain moral lethargy.

Of those completely possessed by Cain consciousness we can identify the psychopathic personality who acts without conscience, compunction or any thought for others, simply because this innate ‘goodness’ does not exist in them or has not been sufficiently exploited. I believe that psychopathy and the Cain consciousness is a result of the ultimate fear, the terrorised mind fights fear and evil by becoming the evil and instead of living in fear, chooses to become an agent of fear.

It is he or she who overcomes their fear by instilling fear in others, instead of fighting and resisting evil they become it. Lower down the ladder and less wholly controlled by full Cain consciousness and hence the force of evil and fear is the schizophrenic.

The schizophrenic is still fighting the forces of fear and evil which are attempting to dominate them and as such, straddles the two realms of hell and earth. It is for this reason that traditionally the Shaman has exhibited signs of schizophrenia and in the ancient world and the hidden cults, the oracle or priestess, is in contact with these forces.

Unfortunately these forces are necessarily evil because anything positive and in the light is by definition, not connected to the Earth, nor does any positive force speak to or whisper suggestions to them.

Whenever schizophrenics hear voices, the voices are always negative, there is never anything good to come from hearing voices, precisely because the higher consciousness does not communicate verbally and does not seek to exert any control over people’s thoughts or behaviour directly. 

Hearing voices is a sign that your soul is being dragged towards Cain consciousness, however there are methods to regain personal focus and inner mental integrity these are Zen meditation and the Dr Hoffer Niacin cure. These people make up roughly 10 percent of the population but this number is rapidly increasing and in some areas, such as banking and the legal profession it can be as high as 50 percent.

The opposite of the Cain consciousness are those which Jesus termed The Children of Light. There are people who have inner peace, inner security, smile and laugh readily and don’t live under any great burdens of fear or insecurity. Because they are good, or generally inclined to good, they live under the protection of God and the light flows through them and illuminates their inner being.

I have no idea how many of these people there are but I suspect they slightly outnumber the Cain consciousness people, indeed the point at which the Cain consciousness people outnumber the Children of Light is the stage at which apocalypse, plague, disease and war is materialised, simply because there is not the innate energy required in the population to resist the force of negative entropy.

The final broad group of humanity are what I will term ‘the undecided’. These people are by far the majority and probably represent up to 80 percent of the whole human race. These are the people the Cain group are continually trying to recruit from and they fluctuate between negative and positive thoughts, good and evil inclinations.

These are the good people who do bad and the bad people who do good. Their inclinations are not fixed and they tend to react to whatever happens around them like a boat on the sea. Bad events depress them, good fortune makes them happy. They can be roused to great anger and also moved to tenderness and love. For them there is no fixed state of mind and they have only a limited control over their destinies and their moods.

These people are easily influenced by the media and indeed the whole world is built by the Cain people in order to access this group's labour and attention. It is this group which makes the world go around and it is their lack of awareness, moral laziness or indeed, their good sense, which direct what the ruling Cain group think they can impose on them and get away with.

Until the strange events which started to occur in my life and the stranger people who slowly revealed themselves to me I was of the third group, perhaps even leaning to Cain consciousness. I preferred dark gloomy winter evenings to summer nights. I preferred the satisfaction of mockery to kindness, and I was more or less solely preoccupied with myself and my own well being. I was also prone to depression and states of hopelessness which were the result of facing the evil of the world and allowing it to infect my thoughts with fear and hopelessness: the perfect recipe for a journey towards Cain consciousness.

In fact when things started to change for me and the hidden world slowly revealed itself I am certain I was being destined for a life in the darkness. But for me it wasn’t so simple since my parents were so different, my father being of the Cain bloodline and my mother being of the Light and generally of a positive disposition, so the inner battle within me wasn’t yet decided and I very much had the choice which side to take.

My introduction to the Illuminati and the children of Cain took place in my in my third year of university. Until that point nothing particularly odd had happened to me, or at least there had been some encounters and some people had said things which in retrospect which with my new understanding, indicate something of the hidden secret world which exists parallel to the world in which most people presently live.

I realise now that they had always been in my family, and indeed that my grandmother and my father were part of it too. But these facts only revealed themselves once I’d already been awakened to certain new-realities. It’s odd but if one suspects nothing odd or strange, even with the people nearest to you, then the strangest realities and parallel universes can quite happily coexist with the most reassuring banality.

Looking back it’s somewhat astonishing that I had so little suspicion of what my nana was, except that I was told by my father that she was a 'white witch', but this in itself seemed harmless enough to me, and what she had been mixed up with her whole life, but this is all part of the unusual way in which the hidden forces which control the Cain consciousness, can so cunningly arrange things, so precisely to delay understanding and full awareness until the critical moment for maximum psychological effect. 

A French girl who subsequently became my girlfriend approached me and rather surprisingly, asked me out. I was in a bit of a despondent mood so I just waved her away and signaled that I didn’t want to talk to anyone. As she walked away I suddenly wondered if perhaps I should try to be more friendly to people, she was French after all. France at least was something which I considered mildly interesting. I would certainly like to learn more about their wine and poetry and having a French girlfriend would be rather a good opportunity for this.

In fact it became an opportunity for something potentially far greater, in fact the sum total of my writing and experiences of the Illuminati and Cain bloodline would probably not have happened, or at least, possibly in different circumstances, perhaps circumstances which I may not have quite so successfully negotiated as I have so far.

This girl seemed to have an odd vampire fixation and seemed keen to encourage me to share her fascination with vampires. She bought me the whole series of Anne Rice Vampire Chronicles, and was obsessed with gothic themes and had been to see the live version of the Rocky Horror show several times and would dress as a lightweight European goth.

At the time I didn’t see anything particularly unusual about any of this, and indeed, vampires and camp gothic horror was all supposed to be part of some kind of rich Western cultural legacy or something, but with my present understanding of the Cain consciousness I realise that these cultural references, which while apparently benign and perhaps, seen as mildly naughty fun to the uninitiated, are actually nods and winks to those in the know.

The Anne Rice Vampire chronicles, and subsequent movie Interview with a Vampire, are cultural coordinators for Cain consciousness, a reminder that ‘we’re active and we’re here and no one suspects a thing’. The same is true for the recently completed Harry Potter films, and while these may serve as apparently harmless entertainment for the masses, there is a significant minority of the population who are genuinely living in this magickal parallel dimension, a whole world of common understanding of supernatural themes while the remaining 90 percent of the population, the muggles, don’t suspect a thing.

So the French girl became my girlfriend and I took her home to meet my parents and was surprised at how well she and my usually gloomy and morose father, seemed to get on. He spoke to her in terms I had never heard him speak before and it was almost as if it was someone I had never known. It reminded me of the way he spoke to one of my childhood friends who I had once invited home for dinner. It was strange, suddenly he was animated as if he had found a kindred spirit in a world of people like my mother and I, that he would belittle and insult. I subsequently discovered that my childhood friend was also connected to this Cain consciousness and his father and even his grandmother were freemasons.

My father and my girlfriend were talking about Jewish scriptural themes and I noticed that when I brought up Jesus in the context of this conversation my father would suddenly rabbit on, subtly denigrating Jesus who he called J.C. I had never heard him speak like this before and had never heard anyone calling Jesus J.C. I thought it was rather odd but he was rather an odd man at the best of times so I didn’t suspect any strange over-arching conspiracy at this stage.

Nothing seemed particularly odd until I moved to France with her and started work at a small language school in a place called le Puy en Velay. 

This was a ritually significant place and was one of the towns of the mystery of the Black Virgin and is also one of the key starting points for the Saint Jacques de Compostelle pilgrimage to Saint Iago in Northern Spain. 

His symbol is the Scallop shell and the Shell petroleum company evokes Saint James. 

Since my name is James I little suspected at the time that I was being drawn into a ritual, but once the veil had been lifted and the strangeness of the parallel reality was revealed to me I realised that a lot of what had appeared to be chance and circumstance, had actually been strangely managed and organised by some hidden hand.

The job at the language school was relatively easy going and there was myself and the director as the only teaching staff, I enjoyed my job and loved living in Le Puy en Velay and exploring its evocative and deeply atmospheric warren of medieval alleyways and multi coloured shops and buildings which had remained unchanged in this tranquil traditional town for hundreds of years.

I was settled and felt thoroughly and completely at home here, again, wholly unsuspecting anything unusual about the people around me, a child of perfect innocence in a medieval wonderland. This was all dramatically and irrevocably shaken up by the training course I started in a remote and strange village called Saugues in the misty mountains of the massive central. 

To be continued...

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I'm on FIRE with dat TROOF.
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