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4D Manipulation and Creating Coincidence.


Coincidence or Something More Interesting?

The word ‘Coincidence’ shouldn’t be one of those throw away words which often accompany a shrug when we are faced with a statistical or probabilistic anomaly. They are small miracles, rare instances of our 3d reality being shaped by 4d pattern creation. A pattern in 4d reality is the ordering of events and phenomena into a recognizable and meaningful patterns of reality. This is what a coincidence is. It is the arrangement of people and events into a meaningful coherent unit of reality. How they occur and if it’s possible to actively manifest them is slightly more of a 4d mystery. There have been many such examples for me personally and I have noticed that they tend to arise at a point when for a moment one accesses 4d without really noticing. It’s hard to explain but there is a moment of transcendence, some would call it prayer, but it involves reaching into 4d. This is a similar phenomenon to luck and I also think many sportspeople can access this 4d ‘in the zone’ state to perform remarkable feats of skill. My own moments of pattern creation include some very remarkable and improbable strokes of incredible ‘luck’ and often in moments of crisis the 4d heavens have parted and a hand reached down to me and made sense of the chaos.

Once an ex-girlfriend booked us tickets to the old Phoenix festival and arranged to drive down there. However I had lost my ticket about a week prior to this and couldn’t find it anywhere so I arrived at the festival dejected at not having a ticket, however I went for a wander around the camp site and there found two tickets lying on the floor. And I seem to remember before this happened I had asked 4D a question and the question was ‘what am I going to do?’ and when I looked down the answer was right in front of me. This is coincidence all over, the more outrageously bizarre and improbable the coincidence the more we just ‘shrug it off’ with the great grounding fork of 4d reality, the banal word ‘coincidence’, but the coincidence doesn’t care how outrageously it subverts all the known laws of reality and the more outrageous the subversion the better. Though physical laws are usually maintained although there was a point when I was at party and was just clearing my head in a corner when my friend next to me swore to me that I had momentarily disappeared. Obviously I cannot judge how accurate his perceptive faculties were, he was pretty drunk at the time but who knows what levels of electromagnetic flux might be possible when a drunk man is standing next to someone when they’re meditating.

Two other times when I had been in a similarly appealing state of mind and I had asked 4D for an answer and it answered me. On both occasions it was the same question and weirdly exactly the same answer. One time I was at the cinema with an ex girlfriend and I felt like I was stuck in a rut in my life and didn’t know where I was going or if I was even going at all. I asked simply for a sign to show me I was going in the right direction. I don’t know what I expected, an angelic visitation or a voice in my head (actually no, that’s a pretty bad idea). What happened is that my name appeared on the screen at the very moment I asked for a sign. And so I got one. Check it out, Men In Black, see if you can ‘spot the miracle moment’.

This very same thing happened in East London while walking an unfamiliar road. I asked the same question ‘Am I on the right path? Give me a sign”’ I immediately looked to my right and there was an Estate agent with my exact name, albeit with the surname first but more than adequate for my purposes. For years I had been struggling with these coincidences and anomalous occurrences which had always seemed to affect me. Once as a child I remember watching the Paul Daniel’s magic show and there was a part where Paul Daniel’s was magically guessing some numbers someone had written on a piece of paper. I knew the numbers Daniel’s was going to say even before he read them. Every single one and it was a string of five numbers.

But there appear to be other means of accessing 4D apart from prayer and asking for a sign because you’re on the verge of an existential crisis. I used to pay these epic games of the card game Shithead in our kitchen in Wapping with anyone who happened to be around. Initially I was able to beat everyone because they had never played it before and I had played loads of games as a student. However my Chinese flat mate started to get the hang of the game and we used to run pretty close, but then something totally bizarre started to happen, he started being able to get the EXACTLY the blind cards he needed time and time again, solely on confidence alone. I observed this method for myself close up and I wondered whether I could apply this to my game as well. Since the blind-cards exist in a Schrodinger’s cat state of quantum flux until they are turned over then there is no reason they can’t be the exact card you need just when you need it.

Shithead is a game where you try to force your opponent to pick up the cards while trying to get rid of all of your own. You do this by playing a card which you think he or she won’t be able to follow. But some cards have special properties, for instance the player must usually play the same number card or higher but some special cards like the 7 require the next player to play the same card of lower. The 3 is even trickier since it requires a 3 or any card of the same suit. Needles to say I would throw my most devious card I could think of on top of a pile of stinkers which statistically he would have to pick up, but he seldom did, whether I played an Ace, 7, or 3 it made no difference, he still flipped the card over and with supreme confidence and slapped his victory down onto the kitchen table.

I started trying this in Poker. Just believing the card to be turned over in Texas Hold’ems would be the very cards I needed, And they were. I was starting to know what the feeling of assured confidence in a pure chance situation felt like and I realised that this feeling can actually influence the quantum flux so it conforms to your 4D Patterning. For me this a form of using your will and focus to control reality and results to a limited extent. I’m sure we’re all doing this constantly anyway with our expectations and or perceptions, and as we know from Quantum Physics, the quantum flux only comes into being and become real measurable phenomenon once we perceive it. It’s almost as if the whole universe is a sort of detuned static of infinite potential until we order the signal with our brains and see colour, shape dimension and reality. But it is our human physical senses which do this and they then feed the electrical signals they have ‘observed’ and feed them into the brain where the signals are decoded into a 3d reality.

Other sorts of creatures who had different measuring organs or senses to us would likely perceive something potentially very different to what we perceive, and their brains might order all this information in a way entirely different to us, perhaps the signals gleaned from the physical sense might then construct a 4d picture in the mind which would allow them to travel in time as well as space, or be able to perceive and read signals entirely alien to us.

I believe that this use of ‘will’ which is connected to a feeling of transcendence, certainty and power that your mind DOES have a quantum ability to actually affect your actual reality at that moment. You might protest and say it’s impossible for someone to be able to somehow influence the cards they were given so they got the exact card/s they needed in order to win the game, because the cards were dealt out at the beginning of the game and in terms of causality, it is impossible for a later event to influence and earlier event. But what if in reality it IS possible and the universe doesn’t always actually work with cause and effect unfolding in a linear direction but also working backwards. In a sense this is more conceivable if we view reality as it is and not how the clock tells us it is.

The perception of time and the sequencing of events in time, gives us the impression that there are different moments in reality. That last year IS a different moment in reality, that 10 minutes ago was something else which has now passed and that tomorrow likewise will be a different ‘moment’ in reality. However these aren’t really different moments but part of the same ongoing continuum which we perceive sequentially and separated by time, but this separation is only a human perception. There is no reason why yesterday cannot be connected to tomorrow, not just forward in time, but also backwards in time because fundamentally there IS no time, there is only one eternal moment. That ongoing perception SIGNAL which we are all connected to.

And so we can order results which apparently were already decided and completed in the past. We can affect the past with our attention and use of will to give results required from a quantum state. Three shithead cards lying face down are a Quantum state. So long as we don’t take to counting the cards and deciding what the cards must be by process of elimination (because this would be measuring and would break down the quantum state) the cards could be conceivably anything, and as long as the card wished for isn’t held in someone else’s hand, then there is no reason why with the correct application of will/supplication then the desired card could be produced from the quantum realm simply because you’re trying to order reality and make a cause fit an effect (getting the right cards then winning the game), even if it is a cause and effect loop which is running backwards in time.

This is how reality really works, connected past to future and future to past in a pattern matrix of order. This is one of the reasons why the Freemasons do rituals, they are exploiting the 4d with will and creating a pattern of order with their ritual which they hope will help manifest real life 3d events. In fact this is how all magic really works. If you look at how cursing generally works, and unfortunately it DOES work, then generally someone would take a hair from the victim’s head, or something closely associated with them, they might even make some kind of effigy. Basically the curse requires creating an order pattern between the person doing the cursing and the victim. So to connect the two they use something to represent the person, a hair is most common because they are generally not too hard to obtain and also they will have the same quantum signature and the hair and the person are entangled on a quantum level.

To return to more ‘positive’ things than cursing I will give an example provided for me by my friend Futureshock who posted the following to my forum:

“A positive example of this occurred 2 years ago. As some people here know by now, my ambition is to be a music producer. My aim is to be signed to Ram, a top dnb label owned by a character named Andy C. Now, there was a Ram rave on in SE London headlined by Andy, plus an afterparty.

In the days leading up to the rave I got a big feeling I’d bump into Andy at the afterparty. He wasn’t meant to be playing at the afterparty, but I felt he may show up.

Come the night of the rave and the main party concludes, and with Googlemaps on my phone I set off in search of the afterparty venue. Well, it took me 45 minutes to do a 10 minute walk to the place – it was a nightmare, I got totally lost.

When I eventually found the place, rather exasperated, I walked in and grabbed a beer. I stood still surveying the area, took one swig, and Andy C walked straight up to me. It was like he appeared from nowhere. He was the first person I’d locked eyes with, except the staff. So we chat about music and memories – I was a tad nervy still somewhat bemused by the “coincidence” and sadly, at this stage, I wasn’t proficient enough in production to have a demo CD for him – but I joked that he’d be signing me up one day in the future, and we have a chuckle and part.

The perspective on this, when you zoom it out, is rather astonishing. Not least the time it took me to find the venue. But if it hadn’t of taken me that time, I probably wouldn’t have bumped into him, as he was clearly making a quick beeline for the VIP area. So was there a purpose to my 45mins of lost wandering, holding me on so he could reach the venue in time to cross paths with me?

Crazy. But good crazy. I’m still not signed to Ram, but I keep getting signs, and tests…lots of tests…but I’m not one to give up too easily.

I think life gives you clues, and it’s up to you whether you follow them and use them to your advantage. So I’m not saying signs like this guarantee I’ll get my wish of being on Ram one day, but perhaps they are designed to tell me I’m heading in the right direction.”

Also he also told me the following story:

“I had an odd one just this weekend. I found some Bonjela I didn't know I had at the back of a cupboard, then a few hours later realised I'd got a mouth ulcer. Slapped on the Bonjela of course and the thing's gone within a few hours. Coincidence, or some sort of basic ethereal daily life assistance? I've heard many times that there are energies at work offering help on simple day to day stuff like this, maybe this was one of these occasions.”

So he found the Bonjela before he even knew he needed it. How's that for organization? Seems to me my friend Futureshock is already operating partly in 4d.

Some people are able to apply this transcendent ability of the human mind 4d processor to make money gambling. Though this is difficult to do and although beginner’s luck certainly seems to be an observable phenomenon, and too well known and mutually experienced to be discounted as superstition and fantasy, it is also very difficult to rely on and reproduce. Beginner’s luck seems to work on the basis of negotiating an unfamiliar experience, and it is possible that when dealing with the unfamiliar, one naturally starts to use the intuitive, 4d mental faculties to navigate the experience. And perhaps beginner’s luck is a hard thing to repeat and one enters a losing streak because one has lost the ‘supplicating’ transcendental connection to the sport of gambling activity as one starts to gain a more 3d logic based approach to the activity which will never be as effective a means of affecting the outcome, in fact it will prove impossible. One should try such an activity with the wide eyed wonder of the innocent and perhaps try to tune your mind into the possibility that YOU could control events with the power of your 4d mind alone.

The difficulty is effecting a global phenomenon but again I have a story from my co-navigator of 4d, Futureshock who details how he experienced a gambling situation:

“About this time last year I suddenly became very accurate at football betting. I had a System, and it was bringing me £150 profit every week. This went on for about 2 months and I thought shit, after all these years trying out different methods I've finally cracked it!

Then the System stopped working. The same method, but suddenly loss after loss. I had to stop because I couldn't keep on losing. I just about broke even in the end. I think I dodged a bullet, something was looking out for me there.”

Something very similar happened to me. I used to predict horse races, knowing absolutely nothing about the horses, their riders or the conditions. Just a name would stand out, almost seemed to flash out, and that was the winner. I experimented with this for weeks online before I went to the bookies to put money on it. At that point, somehow, for whatever unknown reason, the vision wavered and the strength of the signal diminished, almost as if this wasn't what I was supposed to be doing, that perhaps I wasn’t supposed to be using 'powers' or 4d access or whatever for financial gain

What I had been encouraging Futureshock to do was simple manifestation experiments. I had found success in doing this and it happened when I once lost 20 pounds while out jogging (in money not belly fat). For a couple of days I couldn’t understand how it had come out of my pocket and refused to accept that I had lost the money somehow and I fully expected it to be returned to me somehow. Anyway, it was three days later and me and my flatmate went out for something to eat. On the way my flatmate looked down and picked up a pound coin. I felt slightly envious though I needn’t have been for long, my next step brought me upon a twenty pound note, no doubt lost along with the 1 pound coin. So somehow, being sure of something and having a certain expectancy can make the most remarkable things happen.

Futureshock’s manifestation experiments involved him trying to find a 10 p piece. I encouraged him that if he repeatedly visualized the coin and believed that he could and should find one, then he probably would. He had been trying for about three weeks (though admittedly not too hard) before he finally found a 10 p piece. 

His next aim was to find an Oyster card. He made this his intention, then apparently forgot about it for a while, then on 8th May he resolved his intention to find an Oyster card. Around 10 days later he found half an Oyster card, the next day incredibly, he found half of a different Oyster card until on the 25th May he found a FULL Oyster card which was on a ledge by his head apparently which meant he couldn’t possibly miss it. 

So we have actual results from an actual manifestation experiment. Repeated several times and providing success and validation of these theories.

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I'm on FIRE with dat TROOF.
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