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“In the sixties, according to conversations I had in the Soviet Union, a leading plasma physicist was pushed under a Moscow subway train by an ‘indirect contactee’ who had been instructed by a ‘voice from space’ to kill that particular man. In 1975, a French contactee was arrested by the police as he was entering the headquarters of the French television network, carrying a carbine and fifty shells: a similar voice from space had instructed him to kill a newsman who had written several books on UFOs.” Jacques Vallee.


“In 1968 a man named Sirhan killed Robert Kennedy in Los Angeles. Sirhan was a member of AMORC Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis. He had used the Order's technique for self-hypnosis while preparing his role in this tragedy.”

While on the subject of unsavoury members of the Rosicrucians not quite living up to their reputation of an enlightened and advanced brotherhood, expert on all things Hermetic Mark Stavish writes on his website how:

“’Baby Doc Duvalier,’ former dictator of Haiti, has been photographed sporting an AMORC ring, said to have been given to him by Bernard the elder.”

As well as:

“Several central African heads of state are also on the list of well-known associates – and from a different line, Manuel Noriega, former head of military intelligence and eventual de facto ruler of Panama from 1983-1989 whose desk sported an array of AMORC paraphernalia after his capture by United States forces.”

Vallee mentions the case of Gregory in order to clarify the point that people with an interest in this domain are not necessarily rudderless-crackpots but can be highly intelligent young professionals. Gregory was a systems programmer and is described as working for one of France’s leading Think Tanks. 

“He quit his job to form a psychic center. He is now publishing a newsletter devoted to his experiences with higher entities; he believes that, in so doing, he follows the telepathic instructions of a superior force.”

The psychic communication he received was of the following tenor:

“On the eastern shore of the Peaceful Sea, God brought forth the American Republic ... For the purpose of assembling the high consciousness required to conceive and establish this new Union, God sent His son Melchizedek, one time Lord of Salem, unto Christopher Columbus…”

Tied to the alien contact groups are various occult groups, one in particular The Order of Melchizedek attracts Vallee’s particular interest and he even finds himself strangely drawn into a disconcerting web of synchronicity when, after investigating and actually being made an offer to become a member, he returns to New-York and hailing a taxi cab, discovers that the driver’s name is Melchizedek. This leads him to hypothesis an interesting new approach to the nature of reality itself.

The leader of another saucer group told Vallee:

“The Earth is the property of one group of saucers that controls this end of the universe, and they call themselves the Brothers, and they are the ones who brought the Christ on Earth 2000 years ago ... If we get a little out of control, and maybe Russia would start to throw some missiles at us, from Cuba ... well, they might step in, if it got too bad, and help us out. They told us they would.”

Vallee met an enigmatic and mysterious man whom he calls Major Murphy and appears to have been a high-level insider of military intelligence during World War 2.

"‘In 1943,’ he said, as we sat in his study, ‘we already had evidence that several countries were working on circular aircraft that they hoped to develop into secret weapons. The Germans were also doing advanced research on controlled electrical discharges and 'controlled lightning,' and tried to combine these things together.

When we invaded Germany, a lot of hardware fell into our hands, but the Russians had gotten most of the good stuff. Then people started seeing the modern UFOs in Sweden in 1946….General James Doolittle was sent to Sweden by the United States in 1946, apparently under cover of the Shell Corporation. In fact, he was to investigate the 'ghost rockets' with the Swedish authorities. Whatever came of that?’

Ghost rockets was the name given to some two thousand reports of rocket shaped UFO’s appearing in the skies of Sweden between May and December 1946. Radar tracked some of the objects as they fell to Earth and fragments were discovered where they had impacted the ground. It seems likely that the sightings were the result of Soviet testing of rockets taken from the Nazi V2 construction base at Peenemunde.

However, some of the sightings apparently reported objects which moved without leaving any exhaust trail while others moved horizontally and a hissing sound was sometimes heard accompanying the moving object.  

Major Murphy believes that the UFO’s might be ‘psychotronic devices’ and goes on to say:

"‘Research had already been done in great secrecy by 1946 concerned mind control and the effects of electromagnetic radiation (what we now call ELF, or Extremely Low Frequency) on the human body… suppose somebody had obtained a device by the end of the war, which perhaps wasn't a very effective weapon. Perhaps it couldn't fly very effectively, couldn't carry guns and bombs, but had other properties. For instance, it could emit radiation that caused paralysis and hallucinations as it flew over an area, so that witnesses exposed to it would think they saw the phantasms of their own imagination. Did somebody test that kind of a device in Sweden in 1946, and in the States in 1947, and find it to be ineffective as a flying machine, but very useful as a means of propaganda? Has such a group already understood what UFOs were, and are they confusing the issue by simulating UFO waves? Or is the entire phenomenon under their control?’

‘I can only tell you that silent, disk-shaped flying machines can be built. If they are equipped with the right devices, they can create astonishing effects and be reported as flying saucers. I wish I still had my files on the German experiments.’

‘You have V2s in 1944, and you have the Atlas rocket in the '60s. You have foo-fighters in '43, and the green fireballs of New Mexico nine years later. A lot of people got involved. Industrial concerns. Laboratories engaged in psychotronic research. The Nazi research on microwaves was child's play compared to the sophistication of modern experiments. If someone is using this technology, we can assume they have also mastered pharmacology, the use of drugs to distort the memories of witnesses, the use of mind control to suggest stories, to plant fake observations. Don't you think people should try to get some information about that before believing in friendly space visitors?’

‘It's hard to believe that these techniques would already be applied on this kind of scale,’ I said."

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I'm on FIRE with dat TROOF.
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