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Wednesday 27 October 2021

NORDIC ALIENS FROM THE PLANET SWEDEN...extract from new book coming soon.



                                                             The journey into mystery.

May 18th 1946 a solitary hiker Gosta Karlsson was enjoying a peaceful night
walk through the heavily wooded shore of Angelholm Sweden in the Kronoskogen

a small hill, he noticed bright lights streaking up from the forest floor. He
was surprised to encounter such lights because it was not expected to encounter
any fellows at this time of night this deep in the forest. He might have
wondered whether he had stumbled upon some kind of group of Swedish pagans
celebrating their strange rites late into the night.  Or maybe wondered whether this might have
something do with the test-flights being carried out by the Swedish Air-Force
having their main headquarters nearby, having been there since late 1945 and
hardly more than a mere three miles from his present location.

descended into the strangely illuminated clearing and found in the centre a
brightly lit object resembling what would later become known as the classic
‘flying saucer’, the description comes from an interview with Swedish UFO
investigator Klas Svan:

was shaped like a disk and stood on two telescopic supports. In the lower part,
there was a lowering hatch with a ladder, like on ships, at a height of one and
a half meters. I saw the light coming from the cockpit and tried to look there,
but the view was too narrow and I saw only light. At the top of the object was
an oval cabin about eight meters in diameter, with oval windows at 1-meter
intervals and approximately 30 cm high. While I was looking at this structure,
I thought that someone was trying to mess with me, but then I thought that
maybe this facility was built by German pilots and they were trying to escape
from the POW camp on it. 

But deep down, I believed that there was something
top of the cockpit, there was something thick, like a periscope four meters
high. It had that bright purple light source that caught my
attention. Light along a strange curved trajectory softly enveloped the
entire object and pulsed slightly like water in a fountain..

conclusions do we the reader in the year of writing this 2021 reach upon
examining this report? Well despite this being what is classically considered to
be a flying saucer and potentially a highly advanced spacecraft from another
planet we cannot help but notice that apart from flashing lights it doesn’t
seem especially high-tech compared to the kind of technology which is available

Telescopic supports don’t sound especially alien, nor do hatches and
ladders, I’m not suggesting it was an old window-cleaner’s ladder or anything
quite so rudimentary but from the modern suggestions and stories of
alien-abductions we have been given to understand that aliens don’t need
ladders: that they can materialise and dematerialise people, their ships and
themselves at will, so reading an account of what must be one of the earliest
modern-sightings of what is supposedly an alien spacecraft but with a
technology which is still within human understanding of aliens having to climb
ladders, pass through hatches is certainly if nothing else, an interesting

Admittedly the lack of joints or rivets is the kind of thing we might
expect from an advanced civilisation but not necessarily beyond the ability of advanced
post war engineers but we can’t help but feel that what he saw might be the
kind of spaceship which would look ‘alien’ and futuristic for 1946, but one
wonders whether someone from 2021 seeing this craft might not think it was an
escaped prop from a 1950’s science fiction B movie.

more interesting is the fact that Gosta Karlsson met the alien inhabitants at
close-quarters and rather than quickly seizing the opportunity to remove his trousers and probe him or
abduct him for any of the strange sexual experiments which have become part of
the aliens UFO lore, and the reason might be because this hasn’t quite been
written into the lore just yet, they actually seemed somewhat inconvenienced by
his presence. 

Neither eager to experiment on him, fiddle with his bottom, nor apparently keen to teach
him the wonders of the universe, instead they behaved as you do when someone
comes round to your house when you’re about to have dinner and you’re just too
polite to send them away. So you kind of just put up with them and listen to
them speak while you think about your dinner going cold. This is the
description Gosta Karlson gives about the ‘alien’ visitors, bear in mind this
sighting occurred in Sweden:

all had blond hair and looked like a typical Swedish or Norwegians. I saw
three men near the windows of the ship, they were busy with some work inside.
Then three girls appeared in front of me, all equally dressed in one-piece
white suits with the same boots and belts. Each of them had a transparent hood
pulled back around their neck. It was strange to see how they all looked
at me as if I were an uninvited guest. I felt like a wild animal in a
circle of light, a technique used by safari hunters in Africa. Then a dark-haired
girl came down the stairs from the ship. She had a bag in her hand, and
then she began to distribute cups to all other men and women. They began
to quit all work and began to drink from these cups. When I wanted to get
closer to them, one of the men, who seemed to be acting as a guard, blocked my
path, raising his hand as a stop sign. Everyone around me was looking at
me with serious faces. Then I stepped back and everyone went back to their
work and no one was looking at me. I felt a little depressed.”

is remarkable is how honest this account says, all the way down to feeling ‘a
little depressed’ that these advanced aliens weren’t interested in him in the
least. What is also interesting is that the myth of blonde-haired blue-eyed
Nordic ‘aliens’ has become part of the lore, some UFO commentators even going
so far as to be able to pinpoint their origin in the Pleaides star cluster.
Perhaps the Nordic ‘aliens’ in fact come from the Nordic countries, Sweden and
perhaps more pertinently Germany.

as he walked away, he saw the ship depart:
 “Slowly and majestically, the heavy object was
rising up and now I clearly saw that it was a flying ship. It made a sound like
a vacuum cleaner motor. it is in a crown of red light, and at an altitude of
400-500 meters, it slowed down and began to sway.”

description of the saucer making a sound like a vacuum cleaner motor is quite
an unusual description and again, although a flying machine being powered by
some kind of advanced vacuum engine would have been alien and unfamiliar in
1946 we know that this kind of technology was just beginning to be developed:
the jet engine. The swaying motion of the vessel too indicates a technology
which has not yet been mastered. Several of these key elements from Gosta Karlsson
we will find to be key elements of the Nazi secret weapons development
programme, many aspects of which are matters of public record.

eye-witness account of a Ukrainian prisoner known only as ‘X’ mentioned in
Stevens’ book who was interred at a work-camp near Peermunde makes a similar
description of a flying saucer he saw late one night:

“.. four workers
appeared from a hangar and rolled out a strange looking craft onto the concrete
landing strip nearby. It was round, had a teardrop-shaped cockpit in the center
and was rolled out on small inflatable wheels, like an "upside down wash
basin". After a signal was given, this silvery metal craft began making a
hissing sound and took off, hovering at an altitude of about five meters
directly over the landing strip. As it hovered, the device rocked back and
forth. Then the edges began to blur. Suddenly the flying craft's edges seem to
blur as it jumped up sharply and gained altitude in a snakelike trajectory. X
concludes that because rocking was still exhibited, the craft was advancing

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