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Thursday 30 September 2021

Excerpt from new coming book.



                                                        The journey into mystery.


This theme of the schizophrenic seeming to be extra
sensitive to emotions and people’s thoughts is something which is later
revealed to even more interesting and thought-provoking degrees as it is
suggested that the schizophrenic, through whatever new sub-conscious faculties
are brought to light as a result of their illness, apparently develop the
ability to read people’s deepest thoughts and motivations. Barbara states:

“many psychiatrists had noted, among the patients who did talk, an odd ability
to throw the doctor off balance by a feat which might have been called mind
reading except that the psychiatrists described it as ‘the schizophrenics
uncanny sensitivity to unverbalized and only partially conscious feelings in
the psychiatrist.’”

Barbara’s belief is that some innate power of the unconscious mind which she
calls ‘Something’ and which during the early phases of her recovery from
schizophrenia this faculty performs astounding feats which defy reason and
logic. One time the ‘something’ urges her to go to Las Vegas, she only has five
dollars but the ‘something’ urges her to go to a specific roulette wheel and
then that ‘something’ tells her which numbers to put her money on.

“As my money was running low, I decided that I would try to find a job whose
chores were not too demanding. As I started out, Something urged me to walk in
the opposite direction from the bus line, toward a large building a few blocks
away. Something urged me so violently to enter the building that it would have been
impossible, almost, not to have gone in. I went to the building’s personnel
department and found the employment manager not at all surprised to see me. She
had phoned an agency that morning for a receptionist. She hired me.”

According to Barbara, the ‘mind reading’ ability which some psychiatrists have
apparently observed in schizophrenics is part of the Something of the
unconscious mind.

 “Something can extend into the unconscious minds of others. Nevertheless,
it was nice to know that other schizophrenics had demonstrated a similar
talent. It made the business more normal, at least for us schizophrenics.
Anyway, it wasn’t witchcraft.”

This is something for which I have long sought an explanation as during my
travels around the world and continued attempts to recruit me into what, for
convenience’ sake I will call ‘the Illuminati’ despite that name evoking an
automatic response of derision. The people I had contact with were Freemasons,
but to say they attempted to recruit me into the Freemasons seems to fall short
of the truth, since these people were of an elite branch of Freemasons, it
might therefore be more accurate to describe them as Illuminated Freemasonry,
my personal conception of what these people are is something I would call ‘The
Family’ since there seems to be a genetic component connecting all of these
people and this is what has been generally referred to by such researchers as
the great Fritz Springmeier as The Illuminati Bloodline.




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I'm on FIRE with dat TROOF.

I'm on FIRE with dat TROOF.
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