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Saturday 17 June 2023

The political persecution of Boris Johnson and the trend of world-wide globalist coups.

Technically this is still Boris Johnson's electoral term. He was voted in by a popular mandate as the country's Prime Minister....he still holds that electoral mandate yet his own party has finagled to oust him from power on trumped up charges and now ended his career.

This is very odd. If you want to talk about a conspiracy then surely there is one here..... Like I said, I believe he was ousted for ending the Covid lockdowns and deciding to 'live with Covid'.

I do not believe this was what the elite had in mind, I believe they intended the lockdowns, the limitation of freedom of movement and the track and trace bullshit, to continue indefinitely....

Also if you recall, initially Johnson's policy of dealing with the threat of Covid was to do what the Swedish did, largely ignore it and wait for the population to build up 'herd immunity'.... however no doubt advisors from the WHO forced him to change his mind.

You don't have to like Boris Johnson, but you do have to accept that he was elected with a large majority and many people in the UK, who are not brainwashed lefties, actually like him and don't have a problem with his leadership. He was popular among the Conservative electorate.. What has happened to Johnson is hugely anti-democratic and sets a disturbing UK trend that it doesn't matter what the people vote for, the establishment and media will decide who rules you.

If you observe the world you will find these coups against (nominally) right-wing populist leaders, happening everywhere.... particularly in Pakistan, Brazil, America, Italy where popularly elected presidents and Prime Ministers are summarily deposed by either obvious electoral fraud of by parliamentarians and other parties joining forces to remove power from these people.... Trump, Johnson, Jair Bolsonaro, Imran Khan...Matteo Salvini in Italy and of course the former democratically leader of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych who was ousted in a George Soros backed coup in 2014.

These people are then always replaced by Globalist technocrats...every single time, whether in Italy, Brazi, USA....people who will either blindly dance to the NWO tune or else are so corrupt or befuddled that they are puppets incapable of deciding their own policy such as Joe Biden....

It seems now that even if you vote for the populist candidate and he wins by a large majority, the machinery of the state will ensure that unless they follow the globalist agenda they will be removed from power and potentially disgraced and even threatened with imprisonment which is what is now happening to Donald Trump, Jair Bolsanaro and Imran Khan.. and no one in the media is suggesting that there might be something wrong here, for the most part they are cheering on these political persecutions of democratically elected leaders and the left-wing media in particular are rejoicing over the prospect of former prime ministers and leaders being given prison terms for nothing more than being a victim of a coup.... It's bizarre how blind people have become in these times... and those who do see what has happened are marginalised and called 'Far Right conspiracy theorists... and in some cases, they themselves are imprisoned... while the shit eating libtards clap along and approve of people being imprisoned merely for speaking the truth, or even for speaking at all...and these people of course have the weight of the institutions and the media on their side, so they feel secure to be Liberal fascists....

This is how fascism really works.... it's weak people who need the institutions, the media and the corporations on their side, they alone are mere reeds ready to move with the breeze, but when all these weak stupid people are fastened together along with the Guardian, the BBC, the Labour party, and the whole apparatus of the establishment, they finally feel confident enough to persecute and dictate reality to other people, all the while of course, believing that they are the good guys...because the power of self delusion among weak fretful people who are suddenly empowered and feel justified by a corrupt degenerate social climate, is infinite.

Stalin himself couldn't have done a better job..

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I'm on FIRE with dat TROOF.
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