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Wednesday 1 December 2021

The Rosicrucians and the UFO cult. From new upcoming book.




                                                      The journey into mystery.

Vallee discovers a book written by a Frenchman called Raymond Bernard. Bernard was Grand Master of the Rosicrucians, the Templar Order and The Martinists, and during his life had done extensive work to spread the beliefs and tenets of the Rosicrucian order throughout all parts of the world, particularly in French speaking parts of Africa which most probably will be focused on places like Morocco and Tunisia, as the countries with the strongest liberal current, not to mention a strong tradition of the occult, in the French speaking world.

The order claims to teach and preserve a genuine esoteric tradition, which is another word for pagan witchcraft and such occult practices which throughout the world usually involve the communication with and the possession by spirits. Vallee writes:

“True adepts of the Rosy Cross, it is said, are not of this Earth. They have transcended the bonds of time and space. They reach this exalted state, however, by a series of initiations that organizations such as AMORC claim to preserve as a body of "sacred knowledge." AMORC teaches it throughout the world, mailing its educational material from its lavish headquarters in San Jose, California.”

“…some techniques used by occult groups have indeed been preserved from the most ancient times. They include excellent operating knowledge of hypnosis, suggestion, the laws of forms, and their use for ritual and behavior control.”

According to Vallee, Raymond Bernard, using the initiatory techniques of transformation, had apparently made contact with a ‘superior being’ known as Maha who had the power to completely control him just with his eyes, apparently he was also able to communicate with Bernard solely using his eyes. Their first meeting seemingly took place in the somewhat prosaic venue of the Carlton Hotel in Amsterdam, and one hopes that the hotel’s conference facilities were up to the task of accommodating superior beings with psychic powers. In Jacques Vallee’s analysis, this ‘being’ is one of the ‘manipulators’ behind the UFO program and people like the Grand Master of the Rosicrucians are merely their servants.

The being goes on to state that the hotel is not a suitable place for their meeting and instead they made for a park full of flowers, so my suspicions that the conferencing facilities perhaps might be a disappointment were well-founded. Maha revealed he was a member of something called The High Council, also known as ‘A’ and perhaps this is a reference to the Arcanum Arcanorum.

His speech to Bernard was full of the typical new-age tropes that we all know by now, usually full of woolly, high-sounding nonsense but with a few ‘seeds’ thrown in, almost hidden amongst the generalities, perhaps all the better to hide the noxious things that might eventually grow from them. This is a form of subliminal neuro-linguistic-programming, say a lot of things that on the face of it, are completely reasonable, then on the tail of this cavalcade hide the real purpose of the programme like a furtive and fearful third world despot hides the car chauffeuring him amongst a dozen dummies.

The furtive president hiding himself from the public gaze in this case was: “the abolition of borders, and the death of nationalism,” without all of the New-Age embroidery presenting this, the message seems stark, radical and dangerous, and we are now living in the midst of this ‘dream’ and some of us are realising that it is a nightmare and what is more we have figured out ‘qui bono’. Which nations have to submit themselves to open borders and ‘the death of national identity’ and which nation does not? Which nation, or state, has been given a special dispensation to build walls and preserve its ethnic and religious identity at the barrel of a gun, while other nations have to obediently lay down the red carpet to welcome those who will dispossess them of their own lands.

What is interesting however is that Raymond Bernard, Grand Master and universal ‘Primo inter pares’ of the Rosicrucians seems to be only a small confused player in a much bigger game. In his book he relates how he went to Vienna in 1967 where he met a man with a car with the licence plates of the Diplomatic Corps who drove him to an isolated house near a forest:

“There was no outward sign of activity, but as they knocked on the door, it opened onto a circular room with a floor of black and white marble triangles, where twelve men were standing, dressed in white robes.

There, Bernard witnessed a ritual with several striking peculiarities. First, he suddenly failed to hear the words of the celebrants, although he saw their lips moving. Then he heard a mounting vibration - not quite the om sound used by Eastern meditators. He lost consciousness and was later puzzled by the whole experience. Reflecting upon it, Bernard came to the conclusion that he had been subjected to an examination. In fact, he has no proof that he had not been given posthypnotic suggestions or reinforcements of earlier suggestions, whose existence may be indicated by the frequent perceptual phenomena he experienced.”

Vallee observes that he does not question the experience nor appear suspicious that he apparently has no memory of what happened at the mysterious house during the ritual. One might fear the worst: that he was possessed by demons and even possibly took part in terrible acts of satanic worship. Who knows, but one would be right to be at least curious if not slightly fearful.

“After Bernard toured the entire house and was told its role in the function of the Order, the ‘master’ spoke a single word of two syllables: upon hearing this keyword, Bernard again lost consciousness. He assumed once more that he was reaching a level of cosmic ecstasy induced by the high meditative state of his hosts.”

Vallee observes rightly that the man is clearly under hypnotic control and his loss of consciousness indicates that he had been hypnotised.

“Is there really such an organization as the ‘High Council’? Probably not. The name may have been picked for Bernard's purpose. Could the owners of the houses he describes be found? That, indeed, would be most interesting…”

It seems clear then that the secret societies and even their apparent leaders, Grand Masters, and super dupers, are only serving some other, much more mysterious organisation which has mastered the art of hypnotic suggestion and has an agenda dedicated to open-borders and an end to national identity. According to Bernard these conditions will be necessary before the ‘celestial knights of the macrocosm’ can come down to Earth. It seems like a strange agenda for aliens to be so interested in open-borders doesn’t it?

The Martinist Order is an advanced ‘psychic’ society within the framework of Rosicrucianism. A great deal of material from the so called Traditional Martinist Order, based in San Jose California presumably part of AMORC, was leaked onto the internet some years ago. Interestingly the symbol for the Martinist organisation is two triangles, one black and one white, interlocked to form a what is commonly called the Seal of Solomon or Star of David.

The following extract from this leaked material is from Associate Discourse number 14 and is interesting in that it shows that they acknowledge the changes in brain chemistry which higher initiates undergo and one must try to resist being drawn-in by the colourful new-age language employed to make some of the changes undergone seem generally beneficial and positive. For instance, the phrase ‘astral images’ can be translated as ‘hallucinations’: seeing things which are not there, and a common symptom of advanced psychosis and schizoaffective disorders:

"A very interesting point worth mentioning at this time is that the circulation of the nervous force within man puts him in communication with the universe. In highly evolved mystics, there occurs what in occultism is sometimes called the circulation of astral images. These astral images generally appear to be coming from the back of the head. This is not altogether exact, but it will give an idea as to the nature of this phenomenon….This will be important when we study the actions of the invisible world so important to every Martinist."

Similarly, the phrase ‘being put in communication with the universe’ sounds wonderfully exciting and like some jolly intergalactic adventure, but what it really implies is the hearing of voices and seeing beings which are not visible to other people: no different to the three ghostly forms at Barbara O’Brien’s bedside telling her she was now part of a secret experiment.

This psychic transformation is something which appears to be part of the UFO agenda: Vallee discover a group in Palo Alto California operating from the campus of Stanford University, which appeared to be a cross between new-age spirituality and UFO cult:

“They were seeking real truth. The text was signed by flying-saucer believers who called themselves H.I.M. or Human Individual Metamorphosis. The announcement continued: ‘...are attempting to completely rise above their human nature under the direction of individuals who are members of a kingdom above human who have come in at close range to the Earth to help.’ They compare this period of overcoming their human nature to the metamorphic process of a caterpillar becoming a butterfly.”

Vallee attends a talk by the group and a bearded man speaks in terms of personal psychic transformation much like the Rosicrucian groups and possibly the kind of ‘transformations’ undergone by Evelyn Waugh and Barbara O’Brien:

“They are now just finishing completing their own physical metamorphosis. Their bodies have almost completely changed over physically, chemically, biologically. They look just like you and I on the surface. Within a few months there will be a demonstration. When we have changed our bodies over through this process, we no longer have to endure disease or decay or death.”

Vallee reports that one person who joined the group in 1975 left the group after two months having some concerns:

“These two people are dangerous. It is not hypnosis. It is thought transplant."'

And when during one of the talks someone from the audience asked:

"How do you know that you're not being deceived by demonic forces?"

The unconvincing response which Vallee reports may lead one to rightly ask whether this is the reality behind much of the UFO phenomenon which cannot be explained by secret American post war technology.

Vallee asks one of his friends who had attended a meeting of the Order of Melchizedek some questions about the order and its aims. His friend reported on someone called Dr Grace from the Order of Melchizedek who delivered lectures:

"I asked her if she had ever seen a UFO. She had. She described to me what she had seen once in the eastern part of the United States, with her husband. It was a craft, only fifty feet or so away, and she felt that the beings on board were communicating directly to her, into her brain."

If Dr Grace was telling the truth, then it would appear that the people who were leading the UFO and New-Age cults of the 1970’s were doing so under the instructions of voices in their heads. We have seen how Barbara O’Brien’s voices and hallucinations managed to create an extremely cogent continuum of reality, and at times there were even things which the voices told her which she herself could not possibly have known and which potentially helped save her from danger on several occasions.

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