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Sunday 19 December 2021

Cults of the Kabbalah. From coming new book.




                                                         The journey into mystery.

But the overt repeated sexual imagery used in the Zohar
leads me to the strong suspicion that this is the origin of the Satanic themed
sex cults which occasionally make the news or more frequently, are exposed by
former insiders and victims of the cult, communicating through the alternative

Groups such as Crowley’s Order of
the Oriental Temple were a surface resurgence of this ancient current which had
previously surfaced in the form of the Duke of Wharton’s and later Sir Frances
Dashwood’s Hellfire Club of the 18th Century. The Duke of Wharton
was hugely indebted to banking interests as a result of the collapse in the
share price of the South Sea company in which he had heavily invested. In 1723
after the dissolution of the Hellfire Club he became the Grand Master of the
first Freemasonic Grand Lodge of England. 

One wonders, like so many other pawns
of the manipulators whether Wharton’s debts forced him to act for that
financial power which sought to use him to exercise its covert social agenda
which we have seen either hinted at or historically emerge from cover and
unleash its furious agenda usually ending in the destruction of Christian
institutions and mass bloodshed and butchery.

Intriguingly Sir Frances Dashwood served, for a short
time at least, as Chancellor of the Exchequer,
despite, like
Winston Churchill, being dubiously qualified:

"Of financial knowledge he did not possess the
rudiments, and his ignorance was all the more conspicuous from the great
financial ability of his predecessor Legge. His budget speech was so confused
and incapable that it was received with shouts of laughter.”
(1901) 'Dashwood, Francis’.

From the Lesser Holy Assembly, a book of the Zohah, we
find references which recall the lexicon and iconography of the Rosicrucian
‘Alchemical’ process: the talk of ‘brides’ and the union of Kings and Queen,
not to mention references which are markedly less guarded and ambiguous than
the ostensibly Christian Rosicrucian literature:

second association of Yesod with the genitals arises from the union of the
Microprosopus and his Bride…
When the male is joined with the female,
they both constitute one complete body, and all the universe is in a state of
happiness because all things receive blessings from their perfect body. And
this is an arcanum (secret).”

And a strangely profane, almost sacrilegious reference to
the Bride:

“And she is mitigated, and receiveth blessing in that
place which is called the holy of holies below.”  Referring to the female genitals in terms of
the holy sanctuary of the great Temple of Jerusalem would certainly not meet
with approval with what one conceives as the Torah studying conservative mind and one cannot help but feel that such sexual rites and imagery was the
very thing the Levite priests were so critical of in Leviticus.

too the masculine sexual energies are unambiguously referred to and put in
spiritual terms and given a specific Sefira in the Tree of Life and the male
member too as Yesod is referred to as ‘most holy’. One can just imagine what
kind of excesses and perversions of spirituality could emerge from a cult which
reveres sexuality and specifically the sex organs as holy objects worthy of

that which floweth down into that place where it is congregated, and which is
emitted through that most holy Yesod, foundation is entirely white, and
therefore is it called Chesed.”

And how “Chesed entereth into the Holy of Holies”.   

Yesod is mirrored on the Tree of Death by the Qlippoth
Gamaliel, or the ‘obscene one’, this is when the sexual energy is repressed and
builds up in the conscious mind leading to more and more obscene sexual visions
and the demon Lilith is the ruler of this domain. The problem is if a mythology
is created then invariably cults and worshippers will arise who will choose to
follow this ‘path’. So by creating the mythos of a ‘Tree of Death’ ruled over
by various evil spirits and entities, they also invariably unleash these forces
into the world as a kind of contrary ‘spiritual’ tradition, it is all the more
tragic that such followers commit real evil acts and atrocities which daily
degrade life on Earth and whatever forces of chaos are unleashed by wanton evil,
are all based on nothing but the most irrational and very silliest form of
absolute nonsense.

For instance, it is rather a sad and awful satire to hear
genitals and semen referred to as holy, and the genitals as ‘they holy of
holies’ and surely must constitute sure and certain direct evidence of the
inner corruption of the Judaism of the patriarchs. So much of the Zohar follows
this template. A Sefira is referenced, then a quote from the Torah, then
something sexually suggestive about mothers, queens or brides. Then a
suggestive remark like ‘the holiness of the male enters’ or ‘beautiful path
into the queen’ or ‘the influx of pleasure’ or ‘marital conjunction’; make a reference
to Hebrew consonants then refer to a Biblical patriarch and you have your
Kabbalah mysticism
. This is the seed in order to procedurally generate the

Something like the following is typical:

“The husband hath dominion over the wife.. combination
with the female, the letter I or Yod is the fundamental member by which the
world is preserved.. The father illuminating the mother.”

In fact, some passages were considered so ‘off colour’
that Samuel Mathers did not translate them into English but kept the original
Latin of Christian Knorr von Rosenroth. We can’t be sure about what is being
discussed but there seems to be a reference to semen and fertility:

everything that is the oil, and the declaration of, and in the power of these
men also, is gathered together out of the whole body; for they are all of the
army, which is produced from them, and come forth, and all pour in the openings
of the genital organs.”

This next excerpt refers to
the action of the penis entering inside the uterus of a woman:

the Yesod, he goes into the woman in a place called Zion and Jerusalem. For
here is the wife’s secret feminine place and it is called the uterus.”

It is possible that the Zohar is partially a kind of text
based marital aid for inexperienced couples, or a form of sex education. In the
Lesser Holy Assembly, the so-called Star of David or Seal of Solomon, according
to the Zohar, is a symbol of sexual congress:

“Chokmah is the fire: I, and Binah is the water:
H, the Father and Mother who, conjoined, produce the Son. Now the fire is
symbolized by a triangle with the apex uppermost 

, and water by 

, these two together united form 

 the sign of the Macrocosm, the external symbol of Vau:
V, Microprosopus.”

Judaism is pretty clear when it comes to sexual license
and such things, all though not strictly considered shameful are certainly not
considered holy, they are most assuredly ‘things of the flesh that perisheth,”
though notably this is a New Testament reference. In fact I had assumed that
the Bible was globally censorious regarding ‘the sins of the flesh’ but to my
surprise I found that it was largely the New Testament, not the Old Testament,
which exhorts the mind to think on spiritual things.

This distinction is hardly made in the Old Testament and
leads one to the suspicion of a certain unreformed carnality in the Chewish mind
which the Christian mind rejects and sets itself with a view on higher and
better things. The Old Testament however is full of sexual immorality, often
committed by  the Israelites themselves.
King David having sex with Bathsheba, then murdering her husband to cover up his
immorality for example. The major sexual crimes in the Old Testament tend to
refer to homosexuality or of Israelite women sleeping with non-Israelite men.
Gross sexual license and carnality seems to be common in the Old Testament and
indeed is most often the behaviour of Israel’s Kings for which they are
chastised by the prophets and punished by God.

The book of Deuteronomy warns the children of Israel:

Do not set up any wooden Asherah pole beside the altar you
build to the LORD your God, and do not erect a sacred stone, for these the LORD
your God hates.”

King of Judea set up an altar to Baal and an Asherah pole. It is possible that
The Tree of Life comes from a time predating monotheism in Judaism, when Jahweh
was said to have had a wife: Asherah, who was represented by a stylised tree or
wooden pole. Asherah was an Ugaritic mother Goddess and the role of Asherah was
said to be the mediation of opposites, which is exactly what we see with the
Kabbalistic Tree of Life and is said to be part of the alchemical process. The
result of mediation of the opposites which we have seen has been such a key
theme of the so called Western mystical current since the middle-ages is quite

to the Chewish Encyclopaedia:

the "Sefer Yeẓirah" draws the important conclusion that "good
and evil" have no real existence, for since everything in nature can exist
only by means of its contrast, a thing may be called good or evil according to
its influence over man by the natural course of the contrast.”

What’s more it is my belief that the Biblical Tree of
Knowledge in the garden of Eden from which God commanded Adam not to eat, was a
reference to the Kabbalistic Tree of Life and was an injunction not to follow
Asherah worship and the associated rites. This also makes sense of the word for
serpent which supposedly tempted Eve to eat of the fruit. The Hebrew word for
serpent is Nachash which also means the occult. 

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