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Tuesday 26 April 2016

The Cain Transformation. Part 5.

I saw the advert on as I was sat in an internet cafe in Brighton after deciding that Brighton suffered not only from an exorbitance in the price of pints of beer and a marked lack in the availability of reasonably priced accommodation, but also a preponderance of tedious and noisy stag and hen do's which seemed to largely mar any appeal the quaint town centre pubs might have had. 

As a result I decided to move on to Bournemouth and see what it was like to live there. It turns out it was a much calmer more spirituality grounded place. Having got off at the bus station I made my way with all my bags to a rendez-vous at 10 Capstone Place and stopping at the bus-stop to rest and catch my breath from my portable portmanteau which I had dragged pushed and heaved all the way from New Cairo, I found myself talking to an old man. 

He told me that Bournemouth is apparently one of the happiest places to live in the UK, a place where apparently there is a certain un-namable 'something' in the air which resonates peace. I found this to be true and this indefinable sense of innate comfort, peace and security, seemed to extend as a blanket all the way through Dorset and Wiltshire and continues all the way through Devon and Cornwall. Almost like an ancient blessing or a magical bond of protection cast by the Wizard Merlin himself. 

This mystical and sacred shroud of peace seems to begin at some point in the New Forest because once you get to Portsmouth you are clearly in the brutal and jarring 'real world' and perceptibly beyond the confines of the mystic blanket of what C.S Lewis called the nation of Logres, that is, the old sacred civilised heart of ancient Britain and the core of all its finest traditions of humour, tolerance and resilience. 

However I feel obliged to add that this is also something extremely malefic in operation in the area of Dorset, which seems to have a particular focus in the New Forest village of Lymington. My landlady's boyfriend was born there and he told me that the Masons there are involved in paedophile rings. I visited Lymington and there is a very tangible sense of evil which pervades this place. Everyone in the town seems cold and aloof and despite the obvious affluence of the town, the people here all seem to be under some burden which renders them unfriendly and perceptibly weary of strangers.

The Masonic Hall at Lymington.

Below is an anonymous post which was made over on the Atlantean Conspiracy blog giving some insight into the occult-world situation in and around the New Forest, and was a reply made to an article of mine which Eric Dubay hosted on his blog, this was back in 2011 when Eric was still talking sense and before he either lost his mind, or was somehow coerced into promulgating the strange flat-Earth disinformation which he lately regrettably appears to be spear-heading.

Anonymous said...

Wiccans are crazy nutters that believe in the existence of witches and wizzards and pray to the devil. They reject God. But what is less known and kept secret is their inclination to severely abuse children. They are just pedos that use any sick excuse to get their hands on defenseless children. And they torture animals too. The main group is centered in the New Forest, with secret trips to the Masons Hall in Godalming and journeys to the Isle of Wight (spooky, nutty fires in the smugglers cave on that island for example)

Lots of cult members meet there, everybody bringing their children along, to be abused, drugged (some mushroom stuff, some other things) and tortured until the children pass out. They call that "training" and "programming". The children who grow up this way become later messed up sect members themselves.

The great leader is a demented, old dirty guy by the name of N M. He lives in Minstead and seems like the nice old bloke next door. Involved in charitable stuff, incidentally all to do with children. Well, what with age and all, the pervert can't keep his mouth shut! He is apparently a high up Mason and called "Your Highness" in this Wiccan sect. He has access to children all the time, he boasts. He kidnaps children, using treats like sweets to lure them. He abuses children of friends, scaring them to death, so they don’t tell their parents. There were court cases where the parents found out, but he never got a conviction (no proof and because the kids are unknowingly drugged, they don’t talk sense in court). He is the "Highness" in his sick family. The self-proclaimed 33rd degree Mason N M is really called H L N M and lives in Minstead, New Forest, England.

Other cult members:

Angus Mackinnon

Martin Eayrs (Lancaster)

Alistair Banks (Lyndhurst, New Forest)

There might be harmless cult members as well - I don't know. Maybe there are cult members left in the unknown. The guys above are criminals for sure. I imagine there might be some police members protecting them, because otherwise I wouldn't get why they could do this sick stuff for so long.

N M is involved in an orphan home (Sundri Devi School Bataha) for children in India, with frequent trips over there. I cannot possible imagine him to do it for any other reason than getting access to children. The children are drugged, scared to death (they are certainly threatened with death) and deeply ashamed - so they do not talk. I would not be surprised if there is the occasional death (ritual killings, masked as drowning accidents for example).

The above sect has not only men, there are sick females involved as well. So, do not trust your nice looking neighbour, just because you cannot imagine him or her to do such things. Be weary if your child changes in behaviour. If you know friends of above people - warn them.

As soon as I saw the advert on Easyroommate I immediately felt with a pang that there was some occult or Masonic connection, but at the same time it was possibly the cheapest room in the whole of England, being a tiny box room just slightly bigger than the size of a double bed with space around to just about walk around the edge of the bed to get in or out of it. It cost 50 pounds a week, which in 2007 was at the bottom end of the rental market, in fact it was in the basement or several feet underground of the rental market. The house itself was pretty nice, with a large kitchen with washing machine and a cosy front room, additionally the house's owner and her boyfriend were very interesting and pleasant people, and I became solid friends with my landlady's boyfriend and we spent most of that summer drinking in the local pubs of Bournemouth and talking hard and incessant metaphysics. 

This gentleman was a schizophrenic and so far is the only person apart from my own sister, who can actually accept and understand the theory I had developed about the past and present being connected not just by forward causality but also by backward causality since the engine of reality itself exists outside of time and we cannot perceive backward causality because our perceptions and expectations face always forwards in time.

I believe firmly that not only does acting on the present lead to consequences in the future, was is known as traditional 'cause and effect' but also changes in the future can also be connected to commensurate changes in the past. My particular focus was on the human mind and how things that may have happened in ones past, can be intimately connected to thoughts, ideas, wishes and actions of the will, at a future point. This is because the human mind operates beyond time and anyone who has experienced premonitions of the future in dreams will be able to attest to this and a great many of us can all think of salient examples if we were to put our minds to it.

If you are interested in the topic of backwards causality then read my book Light in the Darkness where I explore these themes and concepts in some depth.

So knowing that somehow, making the phone call and expressing an interest in this room at 10 Capstone Place, might bring me back somehow into the shadowy duat of the Freemasons, I went ahead because to be frank, 50 quid was ruddy cheap and I always loved a bargain.

As it turns out the landlady and her boyfriend were both connected to the Illuminati. but I only discovered this some time afterwards, in fact only once I'd left Bournemouth and returned to London. I got to know my landlady quite well and there were one or two interesting things about her. She was from Botswana and was part of a successful San family, the San people are the longest indigenous residents of Botswana and are recognisible by their oriental eyes. 

She told me she had become involved with a south coast charity for African migrants called Mosaic which she told me, have a way of initiating new arrivals and connecting them up with local Freemasons in order to find them work, and I suspect she was different person now in England as result of being involved in this spooky 'charity' to who she was back home.

She told me that she was a shaman of her family tribe and she seemed to have the same ability as the Filipino witches I had known in Tokyo. Something else quite odd about her is that I would often find her having conversations with people in the street, with people she had never met before, and when I asked her about she would deny she had said anything. I started to suspect she too was part of something she couldn't tell me about. I don't quite know I keep running into people like this but I suppose there must be some kind of law of attraction in operation. I am interested in metaphysics and experience reality in a way quite different to most people in that I am always trying to see beyond the 'local view' of reality. 

For instance I long ago learned to go beyond a human perspective of reality and sought something like a universal view. I realised that I would be stuck on this planet for a few more decades to come, but by no means should I consider this any more than a temporary stopping point on my journey through the cosmos. Even the plays of Shakespeare and the apparent geniuses of human history are merely 'local phenomena' and have limited value in the great scheme of things. All art science and literature is product of being lost in a material existence and mostly great art, literature and science are just an investigation into the 'mystery' of life. 

So as long as the condition of mystery and uncertainty exists then science, art and literature have some value, but what if one becomes enlightened and aware of some basic fundamental spiritual realities? Science no longer has any purpose, and is wholly antagonistic to ones personal discoveries. Art and literature too, often focus on pain and emotional turmoil in pursuit of ideals in the physical world but once one has transcended pain and uncertainty and realises that the material world by definition can never be ideal, then art and literature no longer have anything to tell you because they seem hopelessly naive and fall always short of grasping any ultimate truths.

So basically there is, or perhaps, was something in me that was 'seeking' transcendent people and experiences. I say 'was' because I seem to have rather completed my journey and come to the end of the line in terms of what I can learn here. Basically I'm just getting through life at this point, writing a bit, working a bit, just to buy myself some little retirement home somewhere in the deep French countryside, while I await the completion of my life on Earth and the blessed escape from matter, which comes with death.

Now of course I realise I will never meet anyone who is in the same frame of perspective as myself who is not a member of some occult Aleister Crowley group or the Freemasons. The problem is that Freemasons and Crowley people have a similar perspective to mine, except they are not free and are also caught in an entourage which continually tempts them with sex, drugs or financial corruption. I seem to have used the Masons as a stepping stone into a new awareness, but managed to avoid the cage of joining them. Some people may find it reassuring to have a group surrounding them, helping them, directing and controlling them. But by definition such a thing can only appeal to weak people who never had the strength of personal spiritual identity to stand for anything, or achieve anything on their own. So by choosing to lose themselves within a group they are cursed to become something less than a human and something more like an ant or a bee or something.

Joining the Masons or any such occult group is like taking a conscious step down the spiritual and human evolutionary ladder.

But in the case of my former landlady she had become involved as a result of being a new arrival from Africa in a new and unfamiliar country, and I wonder how many other migrants might receive a special sort of 'welcome reception' from these strange Masonic charities with the aim of swelling their own agents and influence in society to within the heart of the minority communities, something the Masons are very keen to achieve, particularly within the Muslim community, they are having less success with this but I believe MI5 takes up a lot of the slack.

In fact the Masons and the security services are eternally joined at the hip, and again, within the context of my friends at Bournemouth I found an overture to join the Masons and MI5 being rolled out to me again. I remember it well. I got a phone-call from my former landlady, while I was talking to her she said, 'Hang on a second,' and then her boyfriend spoke from somewhere in the room, he said: "Do you want to join MI5?' It was the plausible deniability technique again, speaking to someone on the phone while someone else in an offhand manner makes the request.

For me it seemed like a serious proposal, I'm not quite sure who he knew in MI5 and why he was in a particular position to offer me a job, except that he had told me his father was a Freemason, but I have few doubts his girlfriend was part of something. I replied 'No.' That was my gut response, I didn't even have to think about it in fact it was probably best I didn't think about it too much as I might have started to create James Bond fantasies for myself, which I knew from my experiences in Tokyo seeing British and American 'agent' types, was totally removed from reality.  

She said, :"Are you sure?" I said yes. The tenor of the conversation was very similar to the one I had with my former German/Russian girlfriend, except the outcome was significantly different and rather more surprising. My former girlfriend had said she was glad and put the phone down. When I put the phone down on these two in Bournemouth something very peculiar and paranormal took place which I have never since encountered.

What happened next after refusing a request to join MI5 and putting the phone down was an immediate occult psychic attack. What happened was this: I heard a voice in my head, like a voice in a dream, chanting a spell. I do not remember the precise gist of the chant which I heard except it rhymed and followed a kind of staccato pattern and seemed to be counting down, or building up, to some kind of final curse. It was a cross between the old folk song The Man of Double Deed and The Tyger by William Blake. 

I realised that this chant was a curse on me and it was in danger of dominating me, and I had the feeling that if the curse succeeded I would possibly die. The chant seemed to be voiced by several people all in unison and just before it reached its peak I sent my will forth and sent a psychic bomb on the people who were attacking me. The chanting stopped and after a moment I heard applause. I realised that this was the Masons, either dead or living ones, there's not much difference really, a living Mason is half in the land of the dead and a dead Mason is half in the land of the living, which amounts to the same thing.

They, in some weird disembodied lodge of the dead or ghostly living, where applauding my strength. I told them all to get fucked. And they did, they left me alone. There's not a lot Masons or the Illuminati can do against someone who is strong in will and powerful in their resolve.


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