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Thursday 7 April 2016

The Cain Transformation part 2

The most disturbing aspect of taking this course which introduced me to formally to the Illuminati for the first time in my life, was that it made me aware of something strange about my girlfriend at that time. I had the distinct impression that she too was part of something, this in itself was bad enough as it made me wonder how much of our relationship was really what it appeared to be. What made things worse however, was the self policing belief that I was being paranoid and delusional.

Despite this there were so many strange circumstances during our relationship which made me wonder. Why were her friends in town all mixed up with the Rosicrucians. What even were the Rosicrucians? I certainly had no idea at the time. So for a long time I passed through this awful uncertainty and the feeling that I didn't really know my girlfriend at all. I met her recently and she told me that she was part of something, I asked her whether it was the Freemasons or the Rosicrucians and she said neither but she could never tell me what it was.

It's strange but these people seem to exist in a different reality to us. It's hard to describe but these people instantly seem to recognise each other whenever they meet. Without requiring anything as cliched as a password or secret hand gestures, it's a psychic connection, an instant understanding that they are in the same secret club.

It seemed very strange to me at the time, particularly as she seemed to have this instant understanding with my father and also a close friend of mine. At the time I didn't quite get the hint from my friend who would often tell me about how is grandmother was a Freemason, at the time I was under the impression women could not be Freemasons.

If you ever get the feeling that the people around you, who you also ostensibly are familiar with, seem to be 'in on something' which is beyond you, as if there's something they know that you're not privy to, then be aware it may be that these people could be of the transformed Cain consciousness. It doesn't mean they're necessarily Freemasons, but in all likelihood they might be part of something, and my confusion was very great at this point in my life when I tried to figure out what was going on. It was only when I experienced this Cain consciousness for myself, and finally understood by experience, the bond that these people share, that the mystery was solved. However it was very nearly at the cost of being permanently locked into this state, and only by resourcefulness and a little bit of spiritual help that I managed to break the spell.

After my strange experiences in Sauges on the BAFA training I had become subtly transformed, I would say that I felt a little paranoid but what do you call it when your paranoia actually manifests real people following you about and harassing you?

I didn't know either, except the people who occasionally might follow me into a supermarket in my home town of Le Puy, stand a way away from me and point at me and in French declare "just look at him, he's lost his mind.' made me wonder that perhaps I had uncovered something big and hidden which exists parallel to the real world. A weird fantasy world of what are now known as 'gang stalkers' but when these things happened to me in the year 2001 there was no name for them.

I certainly knew I didn't look crazy, and was at that time doing nothing stranger than choosing some biscuits from the supermarket shelf. The fact that these people were harassing me for no reason, furthermore, that they were female adults, appearing to be in their 30's and professionally dressed, made me wonder if this wasn't something connected to the strange course I had taken, and quit, only a few weeks before.

I was so disturbed by the course and so in need of answers that I contacted the Minister of Youth and Sports in France. An interview was arranged with a local representative in Le Puy, at the end of which I was told by this man, that 'we don't do this kind of course for just anybody'. I wasn't quite sure what that meant but it sounded suitably suggestive and conspiratorial.

I left Le Puy shortly afterwards to do a CELTA course in Paris and suspected a similar technique being used to the BAFA course. 
Before leaving, the director of the lady I was working with at the cultural centre gave me a kindly piece warning about what to expect from the course in Paris. She told me to be careful and be on my guard. I suspected from this that what might take place in Paris might in some ways be similar to that which took place in the French mountains.

In fact it was very similar except that I opted not to take the residential option and instead took the train in and out of the city every day. Again I observed that some of the fellow 'trainees' seemed to be a kind of steering group which seemed to really acting as covert trainers. I tried to find out, in the manner of Number Six in the Village, 'who were the prisoners and who were the warders'. It wasn't easy but I came to the conclusion that on a CELTA course of 25 people, perhaps about 5 of those people were the actual genuine trainees while the other 20 were in fact, covertly training and assessing the behaviour of those 5.

I found this very puzzling, despite having the course fees being in the range of 1,000 pounds for the month long course I wondered how it was possibly to cover the costs and fees of the administration of the course, the salary of the actual 2 or 3 course trainers, in addition to the fees and salaries of the 20 covert trainers.

I realised it wasn't possible of course and that there was no way these people could be paid for the whole month they were here. So why were they doing it and what were they getting in return for what after all, was quite an unpleasant and stressful job: pretending to be a course trainee, attempting to ingratiate themselves with people like me, to report on me, sometimes provoke me and test my reactions. Basically they were spying. Perhaps that was it, they were literally spies and were seconded at the CELTA centre to monitor ex-pats bound for a brave new world of international teaching and perhaps ensuring that these people aren't likely to cause and international incident of some kind.

It certainly made logical sense and I suppose I reasoned, since spies DO exist and DO recruit people, isn't one of the best places for them to seek to recruit people for international work with the ready made 'cover' of TEFL teacher going to be centres like the one in Paris which I was attending? Actually yes. All of this was later confirmed to me when I was made a specific offer to become a spy while in Japan, and my suspicions that the world of international English teaching, spying and Freemasonry were all connected.

Not only that but there seems to be something else attached to the world of TEFL teaching, in addition to spies and Freemasons there also appeared to be paedophiles and while in Cyprus I knew a German Freemason paedophile called Lutz Bahr, who despite the best attempts of local staff in Northern Cyprus to have him investigated by the police and removed from his position of care, he has been consistently protected. I suspect however that his paedo ardor may have been somewhat calmed since typing the man's name in Google will show a post on my blog publicly exposing him. My girlfriend at the time suspected that the man may be on the run from Germany for crimes against children, since he apparently never returns there, and has found a safe haven in the international 'non-country' of North Cyprus. He also ran an architecture club with some students, and once I walked into a room after his club to find a certificate he had printed with a Masonic square and compass on it.

After the CELTA course I moved to Turkey to start work as an English teacher there, and while I had a very professionally rewarding time there, I was somewhat disturbed by a strange 14 year old girl whose parents were both judges and who seemed to spend most of her time flirting in a provocative manner with me. I found this unusual since firstly I was in a Muslim country where one might expect stricter standards of personal behaviour, and secondly because most school girls don't behave in such a wanton and shameless manner.

I found later when in South Korea on a visa-run, that apparently there are a great many young girls who flirt with their ex-pat teachers at the high schools they work in, and that they are then blackmailed by them and if they refuse to cooperate they are fired from their positions.

I suspect that these young girls are in the Illuminati and are being used by their parents to entrap and recruit others who might prove useful agents to join them. I will go into this in more specific detail as the events which transpired in Morocco seem to confirm this, and Morocco is possibly one of the most heavily Illuminati dominated countries in the world. In a country of such glaring poverty and so few opportunities, only Illuminati witches and Freemasons, and those willing to joining them, have any chance of achieving any kind of measurable success.

I left France, and effectively ended the relationship with my spooky French girlfriend who I never quite figured out, except perhaps maybe the mystery of these people is their inner emptiness. That the secret they all seem to be hiding is a great void of nothingness. It is a strange awareness to realise that the secret Cain group who have seamlessly infiltrated this world wholly undetected and unsuspected, stand by us side by side, knowing each other from nothing but a look in the eyes or even a subtle detection of a certain type of mindset.

I applied for a job working in Japan at a very small company which seemed to operate as a 'language school'. I say 'seemed' because most of the students didn't appear to be there to learn English but instead to recruit me into the Illuminati. 

I arrived for the job interview in Hayworth Yorkshire, a very picturesque town known for its Bronte associations and seeming at most times to be rather full of Japanese tourists, a fact in which my prospective boss, who I will call Mr B, seemed to have a hand, since he had for many years been busy creating cultural exchanges between Japan and Yorkshire, and also organising summer schools and language classes for Japanese students wishing to come to England.

I phoned him from the train station and he said he would be along in five minutes to meet me. I asked him how I might recognise him, he responded that I would be sure to recognise him when he arrived. I wondered what he meant, whatever it signified he seemed a little full of himself. So I guess I stared judging him from that very moment and in retrospect I'm glad I kept up a mental narrative of analysis of this singular man because he was the one who had the very clear intention of dragging me down to hell with him and had I shown him too much indulgence than I might have fallen down there for lack of discernment.

Shortly afterwards, after remembering that I had better try to forget that I had some magic mushrooms in my pocket from a kit I had been growing over the summer, and planned to take once the interview was over in order to better enjoy the trip home, a man in a green Morgan steered into view and I suppose this was my man.

We drove from the station to the quaint Georgian cobbled narrow streets of Haworth where we had a meander during which he did his tourist guide routine and I was somewhat astonished at just how many Japanese people there seemed to be, something which he informed me had a hand in since he was at that moment busy organising tours and language classes for our peace-loving oriental friends.

Back at his house the interview began in earnest, not with a word but with a long penetrating stare. I have since learned that the secret services of the UK recruit not with a word but a look. However since the internet now is so thoroughly purged every so often I can find no reference to this, I might even have read it in a John Le Carre novel. Regardless my would-be boss was most certainly MI something and he had just given me 'the recruitment stare'.

There are a few things which remain firmly in my mind from this interview, one was the picture of Prince Charles on his wall. Many years afterwards my dad suggested that perhaps this man wasn't one of ours after all, but one of theirs. I suppose a spy working for a foreign power might disguise his affiliations with something as superficial as a picture of a member of the British royal family. Who knows. I found it somewhat unaccountable for anyone of sound and sane mind to want an image of Prince Charles on their wall when there are so many other more interesting things one could look at, such as a Van Gogh painting or even the wallpaper itself. This I suppose was my second judgement of this man. Why on Earth did he have Prince Charles on his wall? It struck me as unnatural and part of some kind of pose or image he was trying to project. However noticing the conspicuousness of the effort immediately subverts the attempt.

He also asked me if I was a Christian. I'm still not sure why he asked me this. In my mind I was but what I said I now realise was ambiguous and perhaps had a different meaning to myself saying it, to Mr B hearing it. I said: "Well, I'm not a missionary or anything.' I suppose what I meant was that I didn't advertise my faith, while perhaps he heard in my turn of phrase a sardonic denial. I wonder if saying a direct 'yes' would have denied me the job there and then. In situations like this one, when trying to get a job or win someone over, one gets an impression of what the person wants to hear and invariably one attempts to adopt ones answers accordingly.

The principal thing which stood out from the interview was the slowly dawning awareness that this wasn't just a job interview. All of the strange hive-mind people I had encountered in the previous years and wondered about. Who were they? What are they part of? How did they get like that? Over the course of my time in Japan these first two questions would be answered but it would take another couple of years before the final question was answered and I finally understood just what these people are.

After the long stare, and the Christian question, he then asked me: "What do you want most in the world?" I thought for a moment, imagining that this was some kind of psychological evaluation question, designed to see what motivated me. It turns out it wasn't. "To be a famous writer." I answered after a few seconds consideration. He looked at me and smiled, "I think that can be arranged." Strangely he didn't ask me what I wrote about, or what subjects interested me, it seemed these Illuminati people don't seem to care about the content, but that it's all about promoting certain people, as long as he or she is one of their people.

I wasn't quite sure what to make of this at this stage but just went along with it, nodding and smiling along as you do during job interviews. However it was what he said next which left no further room for doubt.

"You'll work with us out in Tokyo, then you will be able to come home during the summer to see your friends," then he added "but by then you'll have something better than friends."

Then I knew he was talking about joining the Freemasons or the elite establishment who have something better than friends and can be magically made into famous writers. Back then I didn't have too much revulsion against Freemasons because I didn't fully understand what they were all about. Sometimes I even imagined that perhaps the world needed Freemasons to organise things and give order and cohesion to society. After all it seemed so many famous people were Freemasons, writers, architects, engineers, kings and emperors. 

I can't deny that the prospect of joining the world's secret elite didn't excite the hell out of me, to learn all of the secrets of the world hidden from the masses, even perhaps to practice and learn about magic which is something which always fascinated me and I seemed to have some kind of magical ability at times such as precognition and an uncanny ability to create coincidences, which is really the key to practicing magic. This ability seemed to be something which I inherited from my father's family, and during a drunken evening in a pizza restaurant in Bristol with my dad, I took my dad aside and wanted to find out if I was the only one who seemed able to do weird things like being able to influence the weather by mental focus or predict the future. My father told me that he too had an ability to 'make things happen', and his mother and my grandmother was a white-witch whose father was a descendant of the 7th Earl of Wentworth. I wondered if perhaps something about being a part of these royal bloodlines gives you magical abilities and that the Illuminati Freemasons actively seek out these people and attempt to recruit them in order to harness their abilities. It seemed that they had finally showed themselves, albeit indirectly and through insinuation as being 'something better than friends.' 

When I arrived in Tokyo I found this sense of 'insinuation' to be on-going. The system works as a kind of mentor-ship where the mentor seems to act as an intermediary for other people to make formal offers. Mr B would often make Masonic allusions and use various Masonic catchphrases. He would roll up his trouser leg for no reason. He also appeared to have developed some kind of mind reading ability, which to be honest is just the kind of thing I wanted to learn how to do. However it is less fun when you are on the receiving end and having your mind probed. 

The language school where we worked was extremely small, if it was even a language school at all. There were only two teachers, myself and Mr B, the school owner, and a secretary who seemed to be young but perpetually bad tempered. There were only two classrooms and while I was teaching in the one, Mr B would ostensibly be teaching his class, except that wasn't quite what seemed to be happening at all. The classes I was given seemed to range from a solitary 15 year old Japanese teenager making strange sexual, moaning noises at me, while continually adjusting her blouse and trying to show me her body, to middle age Japanese women asking me if I wanted to become a Spy. I also had groups who would come in and explain to me that Hitler was secretly a good guy and did I agree with Hitler and that there was a special group I could join which worshiped Hitler. 

This was weird enough and I soon realised within the first week that these people were here for a different purpose to be trained in English, they were there to train ME. Next door Mr B would be with his 'class' but he would actually spend the whole time making pertinent remarks about me and things he knew about me and my family, which he could only have discovered if he had some kind of insider information. In fact he revealed his source at one point because there was a solicitor who was handling a family property dispute and he pointedly gave her name in an imaginary telephone call during which he gave his name as Mr Mason. It was all very odd and to think that a place would operate under the guise of language school just to train people to become spies is odd, but not completely improbable. 

In fact when I went out and about in Tokyo I became aware of a certain atmosphere amongst the ex-pat community, on the one hand one bunch was fearful and furtive, and seemed suspicious if you tried to talk to them, while the other part were the watchers, they would sit around watching the others, self confident and unashamedly controlling and monitoring the ex-pat community. I wondered what the purpose of this was but I considered that Japan was rather a uniquely homogenic country which has only been open to the West since 1851. I observed clearly that the country seems to be more or less owned by the United States and that they used the Freemason controlled Yakuza to keep everyone in line. My boss Mr B even introduced me to his Yakuza friend who owned a local noodle bar and he gave me a hint about how the Yakuza secretly totally control Japan. And since the Freemasons control the Yakuza it is fairly obvious that Japan is little more than a cleverly camouflaged Zionist colony.

It is very easy to control people if you have created street and crime gangs because these gangs can be used to target anyone who becomes an opponent to the established order with threats, a robbery, assault or even murder. This is much the same in the United States with black street gangs whose members can be easily mobilised to target anyone at any time.

I was accommodated in a damp and dark and rather unhealthy ground floor flat in the maze-like city village of Shitamachi. Above me on the next floor lived a person I never once saw during my whole time there which amounted to about three months. I believe he was somehow connected to Mr B because he seemed to be using gas-lighting techniques to destabilise me. Whenever I moved around my apartment he would seem to directly track me above and making weird intrusive noises. Even more disturbingly, I have the distinct impression he was able to perceive my thoughts because whenever I thought about whoever it was upstairs he would make some kind of noise.

Very few people out there seem willing to deal with this topic of the existence of actual uncanny psychic powers and extra-sensory abilities of certain Freemasons and occult practitioners but I have to categorically state, despite repeatedly trying to tell myself the contrary, that these things do indeed exist and need to be explored.

To be continued....

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