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Sunday 27 March 2016

The Cain Transformation

I have already partially outlined some of the details of my story in my first book, but they appear in separate chapters and are not in the form of a complete linear historical narrative which is what I wish to provide here. Additionally, since this series of chapters deals with the Cain mind, and how it has more or less completely dominated society, it is especially relevant to outline one of the key means, outside of child abuse, by which the Cain faction perpetuate themselves.

Some of the Illuminati secrets I observed when being recruited by them in Japan include mind reading abilities and the ability for them to project themselves into other people's minds. The Illuminati training for people who were not trained as children, like myself, is a long drawn out psychological process: I have Illuminati bloodline but never got involved with that side of the family, so as a result I never underwent the crucial Illuminati brain chemistry changes which most bloodline have already undergone by the time they're in their teens.

As a result the training I underwent was designed to create those brain chemistry changes but in an adult. As we know, the Illuminati often use child abuse as a 'short-cut' to train and prime the mind for Illuminati consciousness, the effect of this kind of abuse on the mind destroys the ego and creates a state of terror which becomes chronic and results in a permanent change in brain chemistry.

This new mental state, since the heart centre of love trust and security is essentially destroyed (like the Tin Man in the wizard of OZ) leads the Kundalini energy surging into the mind, resulting in the development of psychic powers, hallucinations, spiritual contact, since the brain is over-charged with energy and ultra receptive.

Many people in the Illuminati are intellectually very powerful with exceedingly high IQ's, but at the expense of heart based emotional intelligence, empathy, and ethical understanding, and we only need to look at our world to see the effect of this kind of mental imbalance operating on our society.

The Illuminati training involves their agents slowly closing themselves in on you and surrounding you everywhere. They are actually far more numerous than people think, because their growth has increased in a dramatic exponential manner since the 1950's, and from the 90's the growth and recruitment exploded. This is why 'pop' music now is mostly dominated by Illuminati members who were abused or brainwashed at an early age, because firstly there are simply so many Freemason perverts sexually abusing people in positions of care, and secondly, their numbers have reached a point where they no longer need to hide, or at least they still have to hide in society at large, but they can parade themselves within the protected environment of the 'media' where the Illuminati can proudly flaunt it's demonic memes of depravity, safely within a rarefied world of 5 star hotels, personal security and VIP passes.

If a member of Illuminati bloodline was not abused at an early age then it is necessary to recreate those same mental stresses but in a different way. This is what commonly takes place in certain areas of professional training and is something groups like Common Purpose 'democratised' to the world at large. Common Purpose is an Illuminati agent creation organisation.

To create an Illuminati mind they need to have access to you over a set period of time. This can be a short term residential course of up to a week, which is just enough time but a bit of a push. It can be a daily intensive course of a month, or it can be a slow pressure building course of up to a year. Sometimes the Illuminati course can be a 3 year course such as a degree at the LSE or some such, and perhaps the first two years will pass without any Illuminati training, only perhaps in the final 6-3 months will there be a sudden marked change when the apparatus of psychological modification is revealed.

There are particular places where Illuminati people congregate. Business, marketing and economics courses at British universities which have a high contingent of international students.

They can often be quite surprising places. Most Illuminati people are not rich, but they are rewarded, as long as they earn those rewards. The rewards can be expensive foreign holidays, luxury items, cash. But it is not consistent, few Illuminati people are consistently rich in the long term. In fact sometimes they find themselves in poverty and destitution, or living on the streets. Depending on how useful and well integrated they are into the Illuminati as a whole.

One such unusual grouping of twenty-thirty something Illuminati I encountered living long term in a hostel in Limassol in Cyprus. They were permanent residents and had jobs in the city, and perhaps their function was to coordinate with any other Illuminati members who happened to be passing through on holiday or somesuch. Their lives seemed to revolve around alcohol and sex, and as an online friend and former Illuminati member informed me, this need for sexual activity is not merely for pleasure but also to maintain their psychological energy levels.

For Illuminati people sex is a kind of mutual vampiric activity which allows them to raise their mental and emotional energy levels and prevent the development of schizophrenia, which is the constant looming curse of Illuminati members.The only way for them to fend off schizophrenia, which is the base level of Illuminati consciousness, is to draw energy from other people some way. Since their own heart centres are no longer functioning normally they cannot produce their own 'love' energy and so must vampirise it from others.

This is why people like Miley Cyrus and Beyonce, and indeed, most celebrities, are in the spotlight, because it feeds them energy, they need love, adoration, and fans to maintain their own levels of inner peace and happiness.Without this constant attention and screaming, cheering fans at their concerts their own emptiness overtakes them and they resort to drugs, mental illness and sometimes suicide.

The most extraordinary Illuminati group I encountered in a seaside town in the south of England in the early hours of the morning. I was a little drunk and stoned coming out of some late night pub, walking home decided I wasn't quite ready for bed yet, so I decided to buy some booze fags and food and have a little drink with a couple of homeless tramps. It wasn't planned as an Illuminati fact finding mission, I was just drunk and wanted more drink and someone to talk at so I started chatting and boozing with these two grizzled old winos.

I wasn't naive enough to consider that it wasn't mildly risky to fraternise with homeless schizophrenic alcoholics bur what I learned from these men however was that a street gang of homeless schizophrenics called The Arthurs exists in the UK. Anyone who thinks the Illuminati are not active in EVERY level of society needs to open their eyes wider and consider that the Illuminati has agents literally everywhere.

The Arthurs are a group of quixotic homeless schizophrenics who dedicate themselves to the misguided noble aim of punishing evil on the streets after dark. I learned this unique information because very few people spend the time to talk to homeless schizophrenics and discover something about the parallel underworld which exists on the streets of the towns and cities of England.

What I was told was that when an 'Arthur' sees someone on the street after dark who he knows has committed some crime like rape of child abuse, he will follow them until they are at a sufficiently remote location and 'deal with them'. I do not know how these people know whether people are child abusers or rapists, but I suspect it may possibly be connected to Illuminati mind reading abilities or 'voices' giving them this information.

As to whether their impressions and information are accurate one can only guess, and their story somewhat reminds me of the story of Benjamin Frunkum, a schizophrenic killer who murdered Daniel Quelch in his own home in a bloody knife attack. What intrigued me about this story was the testimony of the killer himself, who not only claimed that MI5 had put him up to it, but also that the killing was justified in that he claimed was punishing evil and that the person he killed was a 'torturer', a sort of morally justified killing in much the same way as the Arthurs.

As to what the actual truth is in this instance we can only guess, but it may be the case that MI5 may use suggestible agents to clean up its affairs, who testimony can be safely discounted as the ravings of mad-men.

He added: 'He told the doctor he had stabbed someone to death earlier that day.'He went on to say that the person he had killed had been called Danny and he had known him beforehand, that Danny was a torturer.
'Mr Frankum told the police that he had been briefed earlier that morning by another agent from MI5 and had been given instructions to kill Daniel Quelch because Daniel Quelch had tortured people.'Read more:

The common bond between Illuminati members, wherever they are in society, is mental illness, or perhaps we could say, altered, or even 'enhanced' consciousness, and there are specific techniques which can be used to reach this level, the process of which I will shortly outline.

No one can join the Illuminati if the Illuminati don't already know them and it turns out I was dating one, this for me was my 'way-in'.

I first came upon the Masons in France. I went over with my French girlfriend. She was the daughter of a highly placed member of the French sporting world. Among my girlfriend’s friends there always seemed to be people giving me funny handshakes or saying strange things to me like ‘I know you’ when I’d never met them before in my whole life, or saying ‘Are you Mark?’, either at job interviews for English companies in Paris or on other occasions being invited to special back-stage areas at events by people I'd never met before but said they knew who I was.

The thing is the first time you hear things like this you don’t even think about it, you just assume it’s a case of mistaken identity, but when lots of people start to say them, and seem to be searching you with their eyes to see if you’re ‘one of us’ you start to wonder if there’s more to it than that, and that perhaps, this was one of many recognition signs. Like some kind of spooky group of CB radio enthusiasts going on about ‘burning candles’ and ‘siding on’.

I learned the Masonic handshakes because so many people were giving them to me. One guy, A Parisian fiancé of a friend, played my hand like an accordion once, pressing all the knuckles one after the other, I wonder if he was going through the different degree grips to see if I responded to any.

Then I kind of realised there was something going on, namely that my girlfriend seemed to know lots of masons for some reason, or at least that somehow, we were ‘in the loop’. Her friends also were Rosicrucians, a name I knew nothing about when I met my girlfriend in the late 90’s.

All these odd spooks with their handshakes and mystical shenanigans vaguely interested me, but not really. I was totally disconnected from investigating the worldwide conspiracy at this point as I was living in a house on the edge of a magnificent forest and would spend my time getting high and cycling in the forest.

However I found myself dragged into taking a view and waking-up by the events which took place at a special residential government course which I was enrolled on shortly after moving to Le Puy en Velay in France with my girlfriend.

The course is called a BAFA, and it is an intensive residential course designed to inculcate French young people into becoming part of the hidden machinery of the French state. It is open to anyone from the age of 17 and upwards. It is eight days long and it is basically a portal into French Freemasonry for young people in order to allow them to run summer camps and work with children and teenagers.

These things are fairly prestigious in France and serve as a kind of civil force working for the government (on very low pay) in a quasi-charitable basis, but all the same organising trips for children after school and during the holidays, basically indoctrinating them with the ‘ethos’ of working-together, communal living, and surveillance.

The whole thing smelt like some kind of communist training camp to me, and I suspect that the UK Common Purpose charity, uses the same invasive training methods to rapidly break down the ego of the trainee, then when properly moulded, prepares them to enter the Freemasons, or at least to hint very loudly that this is what is expected of them.

So I was incarcerated in this weird spooky holiday camp indoctrination course for eight days. All sorts of weird things happened during that time but by far the very weirdest were the radio messages I would hear on my Walkman radio. ‘Open the files on the FBI!’ ‘Keep it a Secret!’ This message was repeated endlessly and appeared all through the dial as I tuned through the radio.

I had never encountered anything like this in my life and was pretty scared at the time to be honest and I actually started to wonder if I would even get out of it alive to report any of it. I was initially excited too, at the thought that I was being 'brought into' something, something which seemed to resemble the hidden establishment which rules the world which I had often wondered about.

However it soon became clear that I wouldn't be able to progress in the course with my current frame of mind and outlook, and that I would have to be fully transformed.

The purpose of this training, like many others, is to subtly disturb and disrupt the trainees' sense of security and certainty, and ultimately, to break down their egos and sense of self.

They achieve this by making you question yourself and your sense of reality itself. One of the first things they do is seek to give you a sense of bonding with the other people on the course. They achieved this through a sort of ritual activity where people all wondered around the room, following instructions and intoning a set of mantras. After a while I started to feel genuinely different, relaxed and slightly ethereal, and felt a genuine 'oneness' with the other trainees.

The course itself is designed to be deliberately disorientating, an unnecessarily complicated time-table was drawn up on a white board in the main room, which I was not given a copy of but had to somehow memorise or periodically consult to find out what was going on and where it was going on. 

In addition to this there were assignments which needed to be completed, all of which was designed to completely fill your time, in fact I suspect there was a sense that the tasks couldn't all be physically completed in the time-frame allowed, and after speaking to a French friend of mine who was a genetic biologist and had applied for a job with with a prestigious multinational company I found that this is commonly a means in itself to assess individuals. That they set tasks which are impossible to complete, and what they are in fact assessing is not how well you complete the impossible task but how you react to it. 

Apparently my friend, despite being extremely intelligent and hard working, didn't get the job in question because of the way she reacted to not being able to do something, so it makes one wonder whether these people are actually looking to employ people with talent and intelligence, or whether they are looking for people with the right psychological make-up. 

In which case it makes one wonder whether the top jobs in industry and business are really in the hands of the best people for the job, or merely in the hands of the people which suit a company's psychological bias, which could include people who won't complain, rock the boat, innovate or question authority. In which case we could well be moving into a New World Order totally controlled and implemented by soulless human robots incapable of emotion of strong feelings. This is very worrying.

So as the course progressed the 'ambush and surprise' technique was suddenly deployed, and I am only surprised that I am the only one writing about it. Namely that the people around you who were ostensibly trainees on the course were actually the trainers and were continually assessing you in various ways and your reactions to the various stimuli and situations they put you in. It was very surprising.

I thought at the time it was perhaps some kind of French Secret Service training and they wanted me to be a spy, hence the late night radio messages attacking America. But the cold war is over right? I wondered how it could be possible to employ this 30 strong group of trainees to watch and monitor me over the course of 8 days. What were they part of? How was it for instance that when we went to the bar they could drink so much yet apparently show no signs of intoxication? I have since learned from the videos of KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov  that the Russians would ply foreign representatives with alcohol while they themselves has recourse to special pills, which would negate the effect of the alcohol, I suspect something similar was the case with these people on my BAFA course, but at the time it was quite a puzzle and I had difficulty understanding it. 

I also started to wonder if this course had been specially designed for me, as an Englishman in a foreign country, a potentially useful asset to the French secret-services? I really didn't know what was going on.  The French weren’t our enemies were they? Why were they trying to brainwash, mind control and generally confuse British people on government course in the mountains of central France?

One thing is for sure, the ethos they were inculcating during the training course was abandoning your individuality. Solitary pursuits were frowned upon and the ideal of the group and group-work was endlessly promoted. The ideas of an individual were worthless and whenever I contributed anything it was ignored or rejected outright, because it had not come from the group and it’s secret ‘steering’ agenda.

The sense of Communism and what it must be like to live in a communist state, is at the heart of the Illuminati ethos. Everything is in common and there can be no individuality and no secrets from our watchful eyes.

I returned from this course mentally and physically exhausted. Took a long rest and started to question everything I had taken for granted about the people I thought I knew, and started to notice things which hadn't raised my suspicions before, but now I knew, something was going on, and it only continued from this point on, this event seemed to be my initiation into a new awareness and a slow and careful tango with the Illuminati.


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