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Saturday 7 November 2015

-------------------------------- Need we be conCERNed? ---------------------------------- ----The elusive God particle and trying to break into a tin can with a banana.---

The typically misinformed media
spin around the search for the so called ‘God particle’ shows the level of
simplicity and reduction with which science is delivered to the general public,
to a degree that it becomes essentially meaningless. This is hugely
counterproductive and harms science and human understanding of the nature of
the reality they exist within. 

The purpose of the Cern collider experiments is not to find the 'God particle' which of course does not exist because it cannot: that
which is outside the universe cannot be contained within it, nor indeed will
the Cern collisions provoke the end of the world as some of the equally
misinformed conspiracy commentators fear and fret that it will. 
The Cern experiments are merely
trying to get a closer look at the 4
th dimensional origin reality.

Of course it’s all an enormous
waste of time and money (and perhaps this also is one of the purposes: to find
a convenient cash sink on which to waste public money so that actual human
quality of life does not improve and all the attendant problems and
inconveniences this may cause for the power-structure, if you are unsure of
this mechanic then read 1984 again, George Orwell is quite explicit and I believe
this man knew a thing or two about the nature and purpose of The Establishment).

The Cern experiments are trying
to provoke collisions of 3d protons in order to find what the 4d stuff folded
up tight inside them will release. They are slightly dangerous however, in the same manner in which nuclear
fission can produce atomic explosions, but the mass heavy elements used in
fission are highly unstable and since the mass is relatively large (at least by
atomic standards) then applying E=MC² s great deal of energy is released. 

The Cern collision masses involved are very much smaller, however the sub-nuclear forces inside the protons are potentially much larger, but since we are not playing with mechanistic 3 dimensional forces, but 4 dimensional subatomic God forces, then the likelihood is that the resultant form of energy released would be of order rather than chaos. So not the entropic chaotic destructive energy released by tearing apart 3 dimensional atomic nuclei. 

Smashing protons
together will likely yield no significant results since there is no way for the
outside energy to exceed the inside energy, one cannot get into a tin of beans
with a banana. So their attempts to break into heaven will fail, and despite
their claims from time to time, that they have ‘found something’, these are
later quietly refuted or dismissed some months after the fact, to significantly
less fanfare to that with which the original claims themselves were made. 

It’s really just science theatre, meaningless and wasteful entertainment for the masses. There is no danger in the Cern experiments and there is really no purpose or hope of any kind of revelatory outcome, despite the silly and childish 666 symbolism in the logo of the Cern collider which is a deliberate attempt to stoke fear and paranoia in the heart of the more easily scared among the conspiracy theorists, but also as a token of their allegiances and intentions. Namely Lucifer and Satan (the light consciousness presently inhabiting the planets Venus and Saturn) using their human science puppets to attempt to break into the 4th dimensional throne of heaven and all creation.

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I'm on FIRE with dat TROOF.
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