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Saturday 31 October 2015

Cultivate Love. Reclaim Reality.

Do not repay evil with evil or insult with insult, but with blessing, because to this you were called so that you may inherit a blessing. (1 Peter 3:9)

Someone loves you in North Cyprus.

It's time to end with dodging the misery and bullshit bullets that we are constantly being strafed down with.

The only way to defeat pain, misery and hatred is with love.

But that doesn't mean loving pain misery and hatred, it means ignoring all that shit and finding more things to love and more reasons to love them.

While we're here our prime job is hanging on to love when the whole world at times seems to be organised to rob it from you.

That means creating the feeling of love within you by being willing to give it out in the first place. For instance, you could spend some time in a foreign country, and had a really nice time and met some really nice people.

Therefore you can now devote your 'love' to this country and its people. If you look around you will find lots of things you really like and appreciate, also many people. You can attach these things to your own personal reality and you can empower these things with your love, and the expression of love itself also empowers you.

Since every force creates an equal and opposite reaction, so too with the mental forces of emotions. When we 'love' something we receive a sort of kick back, a feeling of love returned to us as a force, as an equilibrium reward for loving in the first place. Possibly this is hard to visualise, but imagine times when you have 'hated' something. The force of hatred that you projected 'kicked back' at you as an equal and opposite force. You never feel happy expressing hatred, it only plunges you deeper into bitterness, except perhaps for a thrill of malevolent power, since hate of course is a very powerful and very dangerous force. 

It was still 'hatred' but it was directed in the opposite direction back to the sender. By hating something you are giving hate back to yourself. So too by loving you are giving love back to yourself. This is probably how Karma works. 

Everyone has observed this. You feel happy when you're in love. Even if you don't know if the other person likes you yet. This is because you are getting a positive emotion kick-back from being in love.

It is the same with negative emotions, and we often find people who dabble in the dark arts and black magic, often come to a sticky end due to the negative kick-back which is inherent in any such magickal undertaking.

We have to be inventive. We shouldn't be afraid to subvert reality by directly trying to own it. That's the name of the game if you don't know already. Owning reality. Owning your perception of reality and therefore, owning you.

We have to find things in this world to love and to own. We need to exert our will and 4d aspect over reality and bring it under our symbolic control in some way.

This is what a ritual is. It is a concerted effort to own and control a certain moment in reality, or an ongoing continuum. The Illuminati is using rituals, directed will and politics, to control more and more of people's lives and thus the reality continuum itself.

This is very bad when groups start owning your reality, and most people are thoroughly owned by the Illuminati's desired reality. For many millions it would only take one Illuminati-banker decision to imperil their whole lives and security.

This is why the media is such a diabolical tool of assualt. It attempts to own our perceptions and most times it subtly succeeds. It tells us who to be, what to buy, what to look like, how to think. It owns most of us completely, and it is a tool of the Illuminati all the way. A pincer movement between politicians and the press and we are pinned in the middle.

Just gotta say fuck that and try something else. Whatever it takes, reclaim reality.


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I'm on FIRE with dat TROOF.
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