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Monday 6 October 2014

Excerpt from my E-book which is now available.


Secret Language.

There is more to language than meets the eye (or ear) and to
delve into its mysteries will reveal some extraordinary truths about the world
we live in. Language is not only a tool but it is also a key. There is
something remarkable about our language waiting to be discovered. This chapter
doesn’t pretend to have discovered the ultimate secret of language, only
hopefully, to alert my reader that there is a secret to be discovered and the
hope that perhaps one day it will be revealed.

Let us look at the word ‘live’. It has often been  observed that the true meaning of the word
‘evil’ is that which is contrary to life and if you read the word ‘live’
backwards it makes ‘evil’ Both words are from the same linguistic Germanic
roots. Indeed the word ‘devil’ is only the word Evil with a D in front of it.
The Semitic consonant letter D was 
originally a pictogram which represented 
a ‘door’[i]
and suitably ‘D’,  is still the first
letter of this word.  

Similarly, the letter C was original called ‘gimel’ and
etymologists claim that the C pictogram represented had two meanings: ‘Camel’
and ‘throwing stick’. Indeed the Arabic word for camel is gamal. This became
what the Greeks called ‘Gamma’, the third letter of the Greek alphabet. This
word also shows how the guttural G sound has softened over the millennia to a C
sound. For the word ‘Gamal’ has softened to a C, just as the G of ‘gamma’ has
softened to the modern day C. Still the third letter of the alphabet.

If we observe we can see that the letter C, just like other
letters of our alphabet, has  a similar
form in some of the most ancient languages including ancient Egyptian, Hebrew
and Arabic, and we perhaps realise that our languages are not quite so alien to
one another as we may previously have thought:

Below is the ancient Egyptian hieroglyph for a curved
boomerang style throwing stick, notice the proto letter 'C' in the final part
of the hieroglyph which represents the shape of the object itself, the bird
symbol represents the flying aspect of the stick. 


      word: "Ga”.

We consider the boomerang to be an essentially aboriginal hunting
weapon but the same technology was used by the ancient Egyptians to hunt wild
fowl in the marshes of the Nile delta: many examples were found buried with the
pharaoh Tutankhamen. The Egyptian throwing sticks were designed to be thrown so
as to return to the feet of the thrower for a second attempt at hunting birds.

Below is a throwing stick as found in the funerary goods of

So the humble letter C has just shown us that the ancient
Egyptians and the Aboriginals both used boomerangs, which should lead us to
wonder how the boomerang ended up all the way in Australia. And this is but a
small example of the many mysteries which our language alludes to, but hidden
in plain sight where no one would think to look for it.

Originally each letter was what is called an ideogram. A
little like hieroglyphs and the Chinese Kanji script: each symbol is both a
letter and a word or an idea. Our alphabet, like all European alphabets, has
its origins in the Middle East. It is said that the Phoenicians created the
first alphabet.

The word ‘Live’ is very close to ‘love’ and differs only in
the vowel, or ‘breath of life’ which animates the word.  The difference is only one vowel and each
vowel has its own properties and origins.

The way the word God seems to be contained within Good. A
correspondence which also exists in German with their Got and Gut near
homonyms. There is something unusual about the English language.  The fact that the word ‘Spell’ describes a
magical incantation but also the fact of putting the correct letters together
to make a word.  When you spell a word
you are putting together the correct utterance to make a magical form, full of
meaning and power: a word.

There are further mysteries: Son / Sun, Temple (as in the
area of the side of the  head and the stone
religious building) Solar plexus / Sol / Soul,  Re-member[ii]
(tale of Osiris)  Light (as in sunlight)
Light as in buoyant,  Grave as in dead
and gravity as in heaviness.

A whole hidden initiatic
instruction can be reconstructed from these secrets locked in the English
language. Language is a living museum of ancient lore custom and teaching, but
one which few people little suspect even exists.  Language is the DNA of our culture and
history, and from a single letter we can recreate a whole people and history.
Perhaps by examining the whole alphabet and the questions it raises perhaps
many mysteries of the world and our origins can be clarified, but this is
another task for another time.

English is not an entirely naturally grown language like perhaps
Latin, French and say Turkish are, but is in particular a consciously created
language through the selective pruning and cross pollination of several
different languages. Writers such as Geoffrey Chaucer who basically created
‘Middle English’ as a new synthesis of Romance French (which was the language
of the court) and Germanic Old English (the language of the people) and Sir
Francis Bacon and his ‘Shakespeare’. The process of the creation of English as
we know it began in roughly the 14th Century when the old thoroughly
Germanic Anglo-Saxon tongues spoken by the populace became combined with the
more courtly French dialects spoken by the court and the nobility: a clear and
oft cited example of this contrast are the words ‘beef, lamb and pork’: and  the Anglo-Saxon words which are used for the
animals themselves: ‘cow, sheep and pig’, indicating that it was the non-French
speaking peasantry who reared the animals their French speaking Lords ate.

 I feel certain that
many of the strange synchronicities in English are not coincidental but are
actually an attempt to encode some of the ancient teachings and mysteries of
the ages by the sages and scholars of the past. The opportunity was certainly
there and one thing we can be sure of about this strange cabal running the
world then as they are now, is that they never miss an opportunity. So we have
the word ‘holy’ and its relationship with being ‘whole’, whole-ly or wholeness
or whole-liness. Being ‘whole’ and one with God and no longer divided or
separated from the awareness of God. It is essential that you become ‘holy’ or
whole again, through contact with the solar (soul) light in the area of the
solar plexus and also the third eye. While the heart chakra or solar plexus,
allows you to feel the light with the centre of your being, the third eye
allows you to directly see the light in your mind.

When you experience this you
are more or less awake but at the same time in a state of rest and relaxation
and happiness, the vision seems dreamlike, then suddenly alarmingly real and
powerful, often one breaks off one’s focus at the magnitude of the awareness
that the sun has just spoken to you and it seem a little overawing, not to
mention bright and piercing. Any negative thoughts at this point such as
irreverence or over self-criticism, will break off the connection and the
vision will drop out of consciousness. Marijuana makes this process much more
readily available however, it is perfectly possible without weed, it just takes
rather longer and requires more concentration. That is concentration on
‘nothing’ in order to achieve emptiness and true transcendental bliss: Nirvana,
heaven, whatever its name.

What we have very much forgotten about words is not just
their dual and hidden natures but also their sound. The music of the spheres, or
the ‘forgotten tongue’ the original ‘lost name’ of God. The tongue of Mordor,
or the ‘black tongue’ is a language littered with swear words and their hard
edged consonants. Listen to the word ‘friction’ is this word not a clear example
of a word sounding like what it means. The hard saw-tooth waveform of the ‘f’,
the word ‘friction’ is made by the friction of the air from the lungs
blowing  across the lips.

The Masonic concept of the ‘the lost word’ indeed the
Biblical Judeo Christian concept of ‘the word’ rely on the hidden and forgotten
power of sound, in particular sounds produced by the tongue:  language.  
Words resonate not only on the semantic level but also on the
sonar.  Draw two ven circles. Now repeat
various words of your choosing to yourself. Try not to think about the literal
meaning of the words as this will try to dominate your perception and you will
fail to hear the sounds of the words. Which words actually sound nice and which
sound harsh? After completing this exercise you will probably have your ‘nice’
circle filled with: ‘love’; ‘sang’; ‘word’; ’world’; ‘sea’; ‘seek’; ‘search’.
And many more. The words in your harsh circle will invariably be: ‘stain’,
‘stab’ ‘stamp’ in fact pretty much anything beginning with ‘st’ or short abrupt
consonants. Words like: ‘cut’ and ‘tear’, ‘pain’ and ‘sad’. While longer words
with more vowels, words like :’Harmonious’ are clearly positive in their sound
and meaning. Just try it. Read out all the vowels. It creates a tune. Like notes
of the musical scale. Being aware of this as newspaper journalists are only
subconsciously aware, leads them to create headlines with an onslaught of
consonants and few vowels in order to ‘strike’ and ‘attack’ the reader’s

The phonetic combination ‘mass’ seems also to be evoke
pleasing and healing sensations. Just try it. Repeat the word to yourself in
your mind again and again. Compare your sensations on the sound of the word in
contrast to a word like Cat. Although Cat is a word which shows no particularly
negative connotations (except for people who dislike cats perhaps) it is clear
that the bluntness of the two consonants and the shortness of the vowel lead to
a feeling, not one of harmony and melody, but of blunt sound. As if the word is
trying to tell us something about the animal. Although I am fond of cats I
realise that the word ‘cat’ is not a nice word, like the word ‘dog’, although
dogs are popular animals the word ‘dog’ is still a word which evokes little of
value.  The hard consonants are almost
redolent of a term of abuse.

 Mass is a very
different word. And let us look at the words which have the harmonious ‘mass’
as prefix: We have massage, and the word itself feels very much like a kind of
sonic massage. However from the same root we have the word : ’massacre’. Notice
the ‘cr’ combination, a combination which many words of a particular ‘negative’
meaning seem to have. For example: creep, crime, cripple, crook. What we have
here is not a series of odd coincidences, but instead a reminder of the origins
of our language, and possibly ALL Earth languages. Namely that letters or more
specifically: sounds  themselves represented
particular ideas. English originates from the proto-Canaanite languages which
include Arabic and Hebrew and there are many examples of shared ideas.

Look at the Arabic letter B. The Arabic letter B was originally
the design of a house  with a door and a
window, and indeed the Arabic word for house is Beet (notice how it is nearly
identical in sound to  the Greek letter
Beta).  This tradition is still alive in
languages which have retained their pictographic alphabet like Chinese but
English seems to have forgotten this connection even if it is still very much
present. That is why our society is pretty much falling apart. We basically are
all driving a runaway train of culture and history which few people understand
how to operate and so we can expect nothing more than to steam from one crash
to another. Notice the ‘cr’ in the word crash which creeps up again.

It is no exaggeration to say that words are
spells and this is why the word ‘spell’ is used to describe the correct
formation of words from letters. We are so used to words and they have become
so mundane and commonplace that they seldom hold any magic for us, except
perhaps for those who appreciate the harmonious and near magical qualities of
some poetry and the plays of Shakespeare. However whether we are awake to the
possibility or not, language affects our thoughts, our minds and ultimately,
our state of being.

The letter F in particular is arguably the most resonantly
negative letter in the English language and indeed many others. Words such as
fight; fist; fail; fall; fallow; fraught; frail, and many more, all depict
something of the character of the F pictogram which originally represented a weapon.

As the Hebrews and Arabs are aware, the vowel is the breath
of life, this is the fairly well known reason that these languages are written
without vowels. The  Japanese written
language of Kanji is the same. The reason being that the breath of life is
something sacred, and in a similar way of thinking to the Iconoclasts and Muslims,
is too holy to be reproduced or symbolised by man’s art.

The intentional symbolism and deeper significance of
language is a known fact by Hebrew scholars 
and this explains why is the book of Genesis we are told ’Adam called
his wife’s name Eve; because she was the mother of all living.’[iii]

The sentence seems to be a bit of a non-sequitur to the contemporary English
reader but in Hebrew the name Eve is ‘Chavah’ yet it is also the  word for the verb ‘to breathe’ .  Some remnant of the original linguistic code
remains in English but it is harder to find due to the inevitable entropy of the
original code by new words, neologisms and changes in usage which develop over
time and have altered the original interconnected structure and symmetry of the
language. But still we notice the word ‘Live’ and ‘Eve’  both have the ‘ve’ ending  and Eve even 
rhymes with the word ‘breathe’. In the next chapter of Genesis we find
the story of Cain and Abel, and so from the name ‘Abel’ who was preferred by
God because he was able to rear animals and provide a sacrifice for Jahweh,  so we have the homophone ‘able’.

Indeed we see the word ‘rainbow’ has retained its symbolic
meaning for the thousands of years since the writing of the book of Genesis,
both in English and in French and other languages. In French the word is
‘arc-en-ciel’ which translates as arch-in-the-sky. The word ‘bow’ is
interchangeable with ‘arch’ and this is why in archery the archer uses a bow.
After the flood Jahweh promises Noah and the rest of humanity that he will
never again destroy mankind and the rainbow is a sign from God of this new
covenant or agreement: ‘And it shall come to pass, when I bring a cloud over
the earth, that the bow shall be seen in the cloud: and I will remember my
covenant, which is between me and you and every living creature of all flesh;
and the waters shall no more become a flood to destroy all flesh.’[iv]

Some famous stars are also aware of this strange magic. When
commenting on Mark Radcliffe’s BBC radio Two rock n’ roll show,[v]
Iggy Pop commented on why he chose the name The Stooges for his band. Apart
from commenting that they felt like the Three Stooges and so named themselves
after them, he also added:  ‘it’s got the double O, it’s magical, when you do that
‘ooooooh’, you’re already letting us in.’

Clearly Iggy Pop understands much about these kind of things,
perhaps said in jest or half seriously, shows nevertheless that clearly our
rock n’roll heroes are really clued up to mystical and metaphysical

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[iii] Genesis 3:20 King James Bible

[iv] Genesis 9. King James Bible.

[v]   Monday June 15th 2009

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