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Thursday 6 January 2011

The hungry Gods want your blood!

                    The hidden rituals of old Gods. 

The city of the Edomites and Esau: The high place of sacrifice in Petra, Jordan. The Goddess Al-Uzza, worshipped by Nabataeans and equated to the Greek Aphrodite by her link with the planet Venus, received sacrifice of young children. These pools and gullies collected and channelled the blood for the completion of the ritual.

All of the nefarious groups such as the freemasons, the Jesuits, the Rosicrucians, wiccans, Satanists, and corrupted elements of the Christian church, are all in a strange and rather unprofitable way, caught in a frozen theology. The ancient world practised child abuse, human sacrifice and sexual slavery all in the name of their particular idea of religion. For the ancient Greeks, the initiatic rites of the Cretans which introduced young males into the military cult of the state were homosexual in nature. And indeed the cult rites of Poseidon and Pelops where the old God of the sea falls in love with a boy and takes him up to Olympus to be with him,  became the prototype for the ritualistic abuse of boys by older men.

Human sacrifice was carried out extensively in the ancient world, for example, upon the death of high ranking Egyptian dignitaries, those who served them in life were ritually murdered that they might continue to serve them in death. Carthage, the ancient rival to Rome's power in modern day Tunisia, was widely criticised in the ancient world for the existence of Tophets (roasting places) were children were sacrificed to Baal. It is reported by Diodorus Siculus that: "There was in their city a bronze image of Cronus (Saturn) extending its hands, palms up and sloping toward the ground, so that each of the children when placed thereon rolled down and fell into a sort of gaping pit filled with fire."

“They have built the high places of Tophet, which is in the valley of the son of Hinnom, to burn their sons and their daughters in the fire; which I did not command them, nor did it come into My heart. - Jer 7:31”

Matthew Henry, born in 1662, was a Presbyterian minster and was famous for his Bible commentaries, as he comments on Jeremiah chapter 7 verse 31 which highlights the abominable acts of the pagan Canaanites in their service to Baal:

They have particularly built the high places of Tophet, where the image of Moloch was set up, in the valley of the son of Hinnom, adjoining to Jerusalem; and there they burnt their sons and their daughters in the fire, burnt them alive, killed them, and killed them in the most cruel manner imaginable, to honour or appease those idols that were devils and not gods. This was surely the greatest instance that ever was of the power of Satan in the children of disobedience, and of the degeneracy and corruption of the human nature. One would willingly hope that there were not many instances of such a barbarous idolatry; but it is amazing that there should be any, that men could be so perfectly void of natural affection as to do a thing so inhuman as to burn little innocent children, and their own too, that they should be so perfectly void of natural religion as to think it lawful to do this, nay, to think it acceptable. Surely it was in a way of righteous judgment, because they had changed the glory of God into the similitude of a beast, that God gave them up to such vile affections that changed them into worse than beasts. God says of this that it was what he commanded them not, neither cam it into his heart, which is not meant of his not commanding them thus to worship Moloch (this he had expressly forbidden them), but he had never commanded that his worshippers should be at such an expense, nor put such a force upon their natural affection, in honouring him; it never came into his heart to have children offered to him, yet they had forsaken his service for the service of such gods as, by commanding this, showed themselves to be indeed enemies to mankind." - Matthew Henry

Child sacrifice was also practiced in Arabia before the arrival of Mohamed and Islam, as is made clear from of the Qu'ran surah 6 verse 137:

"Thus were the idol worshipers duped by their idols, to the extent of killing their own children. In fact, their idols inflict great pain upon them, and confuse their religion for them. Had GOD willed, they would not have done it. You shall disregard them and their fabrications."

Religion for the ancient world seemed to have been a combination of two principle motivating factors. In the first instance religion was a series of measures and tactics to appease the volatile and unpredictable wrath of the various spirit beings which they called ‘Gods’.

Every aspect of the natural world and even the artifices of mankind, soon acquired an interested party of Gods of various kinds who wanted a piece of the action. And so sacrifices were made to the Gods, in most cases animals were offered up to the Gods in the form of a pious barbecue. In other Mediterranean cultures, such as Carthage and Canaan, children were offered up to their spirit overseers in times of national crisis.

Secondly, their religion also allowed them to create an underground militia of agents. The ancient mysteries, unfortunately, were little more than peep shows. Initiates would undergo their various trials but would also be afforded the opportunity to watch the enactment of a ‘mystery’. Sad to say, my research and the words of various commentators on the occult throughout history, inform us that the mysteries are really little more than pornography. Literally! Of the various initiations into the mysteries one has been preserved to us in the form of a painting. What we see here are not ‘Gods’ in ‘congress’ but other mystery school initiates (actors) who are performing a burlesque porn film in fancy dress. Take a look and you will clearly notice that apart from the two Gods about to get jiggy with it, we notice somebody peeping, an observer to the show! If you consider that the ancient Greeks seemed obsessed with sexuality of all kinds and commonly depicted heterosexual and homosexual acts in their art and pottery. Those artists were merely trying to show what had been transmitted to them during their initiations:

"The original Reason of such figures being exposed

to View, and had in Veneration, in the Mysteries, we

learn from others. Clemens Alexandrinus giveth a full

account of this religion of the Mysteries, too prolix

to be transcribed ; -— 'Of their wicked Institution,

Cruelty, Stupidity, Madness, making Goddesses of

Harlots, corrupting Mankind : — the Mysteries of

Ceres are nothing but representations of incestuous

Deities : — their ridiculous Exclamations upon Admission

were, I have eat out of the Timbrel, I have drank

out of the Cymbal, I have carried the Chest, I have

crept into the secret Chamber. ' In the Chest Pudendum

Bacchi inclusum erat. — Cistam et veretrum nova Religione

colenda tradunt. — It is a shame to mention the

filthy circumstances in the story of Ceres...

In the Old Testament, Deut. xxiii. 17 (not indeed

in the Hebrew, but in the Septuagint) after the Words,

'There shall be no Whore, — nor Sodomites of the

Sons of Israel, ' we find added Words of this Import,

' There shall not be an Initiator, nor an Initiated, of

the Sons or Daughters of Israel. ' ' Tis possible this

additional Clause may have been inserted by the

Seventy, by Way of Interpretation of the preceding

Words. They knew the Nature of the Mysteries full

well; and we are led to this Meaning by the Impurities

forbidden, and by the Price of the Dog in the next

Verse ; the Egyptian God Anubis being usually figured

with a Dog's Head. (Edit. Daniel. Schol.)

"For further Proof of the Turpitude in the Mysteries

of Isis and Osiris, and that it was so from the Beginning,

we need only consult Diodorus Siculus, Lib. I.

' Isis being overwhelmed with Grief for the Loss of

her Husband Osiris, took particular Care in deifying

him to consecrate his Pudenda ; which she ordered to

be peculiarly honoured and adored in the Mysteries.

And the same holy Institution was observed with the

same Ceremonies, when carried into Greece by Orpheus :

where the common People, partly from Ignorance,

and partly from a Love of the new god (Phallus), were

very fond of being initiated.'

"One contrivance for giving the Initiated a Sight

of the Divinities, was by means of a Looking-glass,

wherein none could see their own Faces, but had a

clear View of the Gods and Goddesses. ' This we have

from Pausanias : and Eusebius relates the same Thing.

- So easily might weak People, and under the utmost

Astonishment, be deluded by Figures behind a glass,

in a proper Habit and Posture ; and especially by living

Persons, personating the Deities in any Manner they

thought fit.

Apelles, being extremely desirous of drawing a Venus from the

famous Phryne, could find no Opportunity of seeing

her naked, without going to the Eleusinian and Neptunian

Games ; where she stripped herself in the Sight

of all the Men, and went into the sea to wash herself...'

" I apprehend therefore that no great Stress is to

be laid upon those initiated Authors, who have thought

themselves obliged to say nothing but what was good

of the Mysteries ; or have talked of the Unity of the

Deity, as the great Secret of them; perhaps to avoid

the Shame of being thought Dupes to a foolery, or

inquisitive into something worse."

It seems clear from the above extracts from the remarkable Lady Queensborough’s Occult Theocracy, that the mysteries are little more than pornographic peep shows and indeed that the initiations themselves actually involve the candidate being subjected to sexual acts of one kind or another including homosexual acts. This chimes with the great work of Dennis Wheatley whose exposures of Satanism and Wiccan initiations show clearly that females who wished to join a satanic coven were expected to be basically gang raped by the other males present. Isn’t it ironic that many women, particularly feminists I have met, are also Wiccans because they believe it a ‘religion’ which empowers women. Nothing could be further from the truth, and just like feminism, simply serves to further enslave women under an all male hierarchy.

Famously Socrates himself refused to get initiated into the mysteries because doing so would mean he would no longer be permitted to openly discuss them, and secondly, if the mysteries were shameful and had something scandalous about them, then he would not be able to keep the secret of them.

The sculpture below was found in a private house Villa dei Papiri in the preserved Roman city of Herculaneum. It clearly hints at what kind of things may have been involved in the mysteries of the cult of Pan.

Perhaps it also gives to the famous 'are you a mason?' posters, a new insight.

Why would anyone go in for this? Well I suspect few people would knowingly allow themselves to be raped or in any way sexually abused or humiliated, so perhaps this is why the whole process is so wrapped in mystery.

Is it possible that by the time the initiate discovers what is going to happen to them that it is already too late to back out? They have no one to turn to and no one they can tell. 

How disgraceful that these cults actually rape someone, then demand absolute silence on pain of death. Doesn’t this remind us of the testimonies of victims of child abuse who are told if they tell anyone something terrible will happen to themselves or their families. Further proof that child abuse as a phenomenon has spawned from the evil ancient mysteries which are still very much alive today as we shall see.

Just as sinisterly, what is well known that Platonic Love is actually not what we think it is at all! When we hear the evocative phrase Platonic Love we think it means a love between two people without a sexual element. What it really is is the sexual relationship between a man and a boy. Oh dear! That can’t be quite right can it? But lo! It is! And so clearly when boys are abused by men, they inevitably they start to associate their sexuality with male partners and thus they become homosexual. It is no secret that ancient Greece was a primarily homosexual society where sexual relations between men were seen as a way of both binding men together and keeping women out of the lives of men so men could share their various strange secrets and confide in each other the machinery of the state, while women were strictly intended to produce children for the state.

The following extract from Walter Burkert and John Raffan's excellent book Greek Religion: archaic and classical, depicts the institutionalisation of the myth pederasty Gods such as Poseidon and Zeus, into civil life:

"Fully fledged initiation rituals are known from Dorian Crete and from Sparta. For Crete, the principal source is a fourth century report by Ephorus, who already attests the decline of the custom. Men are organised in clubs which meet regularly for communal meals (syssitia) in the men's hall (andreion) at public expense. Boys who have outgrown childhood are first summoned to the men's hall in order to perform menial services; clad in simple robes they sit on the floor. What appeared as a scandal to the other Greeks was the institutionalized homosexuality: a man from the men's hall would carry off a beautiful boy, as Zeus carried off Ganymede. For the chosen lad this actually meant a distinction. The man made known his intention in advance, and the boy's relatives arranged for a mock pursuit that ended at the men's hall. Presents were then distributed, and the man with his boy, accompanied for some distance by his now gift-leden pursuers, retired in some place in the countryside for two months. The days were spent in hunting and feasting. Finally the lover had to present the boy with a warrior's robe, an ox, and a wine cup; thus he was dismissed, being now famous, kleinos."

Various artists throughout the ages have depicted Ganymede's abduction by Zeus, from an early 5th century BC terracotta figurines, with clearly Etruscan facial features, where Zeus is seen carrying off Ganymede who seems to resemble a small child in this depiction:

To this later expression of the Prometheus myth by Rubens, were Prometheus as an eagle is seen creeping up behind Zeus and his love Ganymede, in his attempt to steal fire to give to the mortal humans. Here Ganymede is shows as a young, effeminate boy, his size relative to Zeus shows that he is still far from being considered a man.

The following depiction by Rembrandt is extreme in that it shows Ganymede as virtually a baby. Unfortunately there are such cases in modern times of paedophile perverts preying on the extremely young. Perhaps Rembrandt shows Ganymede here as a baby in order to better convey the terror felt at his abduction, and indeed, the terror felt, and still felt, by those young boys involved in these strange fetishistic initiation rites. His painting is entitled The Rape of Ganymede and gone are the erotic hints in previous paintings such as those by Rubens, gone is the suggestion of the feminine beauty of the young boy but in its place is the stark image of abuse. Perhaps he is hinting in the symbolic painting of dark deeds of paedophilia similar to those which currently take place behind the closed doors of some of the most powerful figures in our society.

So if we can now assume that the ancient mysteries were actually enacted as a sort of porno cinema show, then we can examine specific mysteries and wonder what may have transpired in such a case. 

The mystery of Proserpina or Persephone as she is also known, tells the story of Proserpina who is tricked into becoming the mistress of Pluto, the embodiment of darkness, in the same way Set was the archetype for darkness and chaos for the Egyptians. While Horus represented the light of the day. I’m sure you may have already heard that the word ‘hour’ originates in the word Heru (Horus), in French the similarity is even more apparent in the word ‘heure’, while the word Sunset coincidentally at least, features the Anglicisation of the Egyptian word Sothis (Set).

The story of Proserpina is an allegory for the seasons of the year and the tendency to have colder darker months, and hotter sunnier months. The story goes that Proserpina is seized by Pluto who invites her to a lavish feast, Proserpina eats 6 pomegranate seeds without knowing that if she accepts Pluto’s hospitality she is consciously agreeing to be kept by him. However because of the fact that she has only eaten 6 pomegranate seeds she is allowed to spend 6 months of the year in the real world of light and 6 months in the underworld. Hence we have the summer and winter months, or at least a simplified approximation anyway.

In Greek Proserpina is also known as Cora:

Noun 1. Cora - (Greek mythology) daughter of Zeus and Demeter; made queen of the underworld by Pluto in ancient mythology; identified with Roman Proserpina

Despoina, Kore, Persephone.

How strange that a so called charitable foundation based in Scotland calling itself the Cora foundation, after the poor maiden abused and raped by Pluto, should be linked with the abuse of young girls. Why would a charitable foundation apparently devoted to caring for homeless and troubled children name itself after the Queen of the Underworld and sexual slave of the Greek Satan?

Somehow, despite newspaper articles condemning the home, it managed to stay open, despite widespread calls for its closure. How can such things happen? Are there no police and social workers, local councillors or MP’s who have authority here? Well, in theory there are. But when a groups of people enjoy a special exalted status due to their Masonic connections, they become, literally, above the law. And this is what we have an example of right here.

"Two girls jump from a bridge in Scotland after absconding from a Christian care home which has been previously linked with abuse"

This care home was supposed to be closed on 31 march this year due to previous claims of abuse. Maybe if it had been, these girls would still be alive.

"Bridge tragedy

Neve Lafferty and Georgia Rowe

Erskine bridge

The Good Shepherd Centre in Bishopton, Renfrewshire, is to be investigated

Breaking news: Care home to be investigated after suicides of teenage girls

Authorities are to investigate a residential unit that allowed two teenage girls to leave at night and take their own lives by leaping hand-in-hand from the Erskine Bridge.

Neve Lafferty and Georgia Rowe died on Sunday when they plunged 125 feet into the River Clyde.

Neve, 15, from Helensburgh, and 14-year-old Georgia, from Hull, had met at the Good Shepherd Centre in Bishopton, Renfrewshire, a residential unit for troubled youngsters, less than four miles from the bridge.

Staff had seen the girls heading to their rooms in their pyjamas to watch TV and only noticed they were missing after carrying out a routine check.

The Care Commission and Argyll & Bute Council said they would investigate the circumstances surrounding the tragedy, which police have already ruled was not suspicious.

Neve’s family in the Dunbartonshire town were yesterday struggling to come to terms with their loss, and a close relative said the girl’s mother was “just totally in shock” and “numb”.

The tragedy was completely unexpected, the relative said, adding that Neve had appeared “happy and well” on a family day out two weeks ago.

Neve had been staying at the Good Shepherd Centre for only a few months, but had previously been in contact with other institutions offering help and support to emotionally unstable youths.

The relative, who did not wish to be named, added: “I’m quite angry at the fact she’s been able to get out. Places like that should be secure – they go there to be looked after, not to get out and take their lives.”

The Good Shepherd Centre, a Christian residential unit that provides care and education for troubled girls, was investigated by police and care authorities last year after a critical report and an anonymous complaint were brought to light. Though the centre has “secure” accommodation for the most at-risk teens, neither Neve nor Georgia were understood to have been staying in this particular unit.

Ronnie Hill, the Care Commission’s director of children’s services regulation, said: “The police are currently carrying out an investigation into the incident, and once this is completed, the Care Commission will also be investigating the matter. It would be inappropriate to comment further at this time.”

Argyll & Bute Council said in a statement that it would also be investigating the “distressing case”."

The strange thing about the previous article is that there was no mention that the home was due to be closed in March 2009 due to past accusations of abuse. Strange that the same press which had previously reported the closure of the care-home, fail to mention it in this instance. Why such an obvious and apparent journalistic omission? Surely this is a story and a half? 'Care home to be investigated after suicides of teenage girls' But the home had already been investigated and was due to close. Yet there is no mention of this nor any explanation as to the fact of why the home was still open. Clearly we are seeing an example of editorial bias in action and perhaps the fact that a care home with previous cases of abuse being reported, and in which two deaths are recently reported, if such a home were seen to have subverted the usual legal channels to remain open, then questions about why this home is being protected in some way, must come to the fore.

As we will see in later chapters, the logos of these organisations often reveal occult and symbolic meanings which they wish to transmit to their members as a signal of their true intentions. The Good Shepherd centre's logo shows what appears to be a shepherd's crook, which seems appropriate when one considers the name of the organisation. However one should immediately ask oneself why is the crook green? For me it is suggestive of a snake and brings to mind the Biblical incident of Moses before the Pharaoh:

Exodus 7:9 "When Pharaoh says to you, 'Perform a miracle,' then say to Aaron, 'Take your staff and throw it down before Pharaoh,' and it will become a snake."

This dual nature of the crook as both a support and a serpent, is symbolic of the mentality of the freemasons who, on the one hand do deeds of charity, but on the other, are involved in some of the most brutal and murderous deeds of human history.

It has been suggested by researchers that this organisation is an MK Ultra centre, more of which we will see in a later chapter and we will see the precise subtle methods used in their psychological attacks on vulnerable people.

St Phillips another 'school' run by the same guy Franck McCormick has the same green emblem suggestive again of a snake:

Below notice the logo for the UK teacher development agency, the green snake and 6 sigil, suggestive of 666 is here combined, but there's something else...I'll give you a moment to spot it.........

Do you see joined letters? What letters are they?


CP! Common Purpose. Those bastards again!

The Good Shepherd centre and St Philip's is run by a 'charitable' Scottish education body called The Cora Foundation.

The Good Shepherd Centre together with St John's, St Philips and St Mary's form the Cora Foundation, a centralised strategic management company. Within the Core Foundation the care, education and control offered to young people is based on Christian values, standards and principles and within the Good Shepherd Centre this is promoted by the Board of Managers.

Above is the logo for the Cora foundation, it is hard to tell what the logo is trying to represent. If I were to continue the snake theme I would say that perhaps the two descending knife shaped symbols were fangs, and that the image shows the stylised approach of a snake with it mouth open:

However could the logo also be a symbolic representation of the female sexual organs? After all it is an established fact that obelisks and domes represent the reproductive power in humans. I would like you to consider this possibility which, if we connect the name 'Cora' with the mythical Cora who is carried off and raped by Pluto, then this interpretation starts to make sense. Also if you type 'Cora' in Google images you get a whole page full of 'glamour models'. It seems to be a very popular moniker in the porn industry.

Why would a seemingly charitable foundation, where child abuse has taken place in the past, be run by a foundation whose pagan name specifically evokes female abuse and abduction.

"The Rape of Proserpina is a large baroque marble sculptural group by Bernini. It depicts Proserpina being seized and taken to the underworld by Pluto.

A detail from the right side of the sculpture, showing Pluto's fingers pressing into Proserpina's flesh.

The twisted contrapposto or figura serpentinata pose is reminiscent of Mannerism, and allows the simultaneous depiction of the abduction (as seen from the left, with Pluto striding to grasp her), the arrival in the underworld (as seen from the front, he appears triumphantly bearing his trophy in his arms) and her prayer to her mother Ceres to return to the real world 6 months a year (as seen from the right one, with Proserpina's tears, the wind blowing her hair, and Cerberus barking). Pushing against Pluto's face Proserpina's hand creases his skin, while his fingers sink into the flesh of his victim. Proserpina’s lips are slightly opened, as if she were screaming and begging for help."

Probe call over Erskine Bridge death leap girls

Evening Times reporter

6 Oct 2009

AN MP has called for an inquiry after two teenagers jumped 125ft to their death...

AUTHORITIES are to investigate a residential unit that allowed two teenage girls to leave at night and commit suicide by leaping hand-in-hand from the Erskine Bridge.

Neve Lafferty, 15, and Georgia Rowe, 14, were killed on Sunday when they plunged 125ft into the River Clyde.

Neve, from Helensburgh, and Georgia, from Hull, had met at the Good Shepherd Centre in Bishopton, Renfrewshire, a residential unit for troubled youngsters, which is 3miles from the bridge.

Staff had seen the girls heading to their rooms in their pyjamas to watch television but noticed they were missing after carrying out a routine check.

The Good Shepherd Centre, a Christian residential unit that provides care and education for troubled girls, was investigated by police and care authorities last year after a critical report and an anonymous complaint were brought to light.

Although the centre has "secure" accommodation for the most at-risk teens, Neve and Georgia were understood to have been staying in the centre's Open Unit.

Politicians called for an inquiry into how the girls were able to leave the home without being spotted.

Jim Sheridan, Labour MP for Paisley and Renfrewshire North, said: "This is a terrible tragedy.

"The Good Shepherd is a fine organisation but we need to see an internal inquiry to find out why these two girls were out unsupervised."

Ronnie Hill, the Care Commission's director of children's services regulation, said: "The police are carrying out an investigation into the incident. Once this is completed, the Care Com- mission will also be investigating the matter. It would be inappropriate to comment further at this time."

Argyll & Bute Council said it would also be investigating the "distressing case".

The Good Shepherd centre, a Catholic Church care home for vulnerable and out-of-control teenage girls, has previously faced allegations pupils were abused at the centre.

Two years ago, the Sunday Herald, the Evening Times' sister title, revealed a secret internal report had described the Bishopton organisation as a threat to the safety of children and highlighted a series of failures.

These included strangers gaining access at night, standards falling short of those expected from a care home, and living accommodation that was not fit for purpose.

The report said there were also numerous health and safety breaches, and staff-to-children ratios that undermined the care and support they were meant to provide.

It added: "It is difficult to imagine a more inappropriate environment in which to manage a group of emotionally charged adolescent girls.

"It has the feel of an institution and falls well short of the standards now set for residential accommodation."

Ronnie Hill said today: "We subsequently partially upheld the complaint and issued two requirements to improve standards of care at this service.

"This mainly focused around the need for this service to improve its staff practice, understanding, training and recording of restraint procedures.

"We asked this service to provide a plan to show how and when these requirements would be carried out.

"The requirements were subsequently met."

Ex-Pupil's 48 Hours Of Hell At Good Shepherd Centre

Mar 8 2008 Exclusive by Janice Burns.

A FORMER pupil at an abuse scandal residential school claims she was locked naked in a punishment room for two days.

She said yesterday she was stripped, forced to sleep on a freezing concrete slab and had to urinate in a steel bucket.

The Good Shepherd Centre is being probed over an ex-worker's claims that girl pupils were mistreated.

And yesterday a 49-year-old woman - who was 13 when she was sent to the school - said the abuse was going on as far back as the 1970s, when the Good Shepherd was run by nuns.

The Record revealed this week that police had swooped on the Good Shepherd, in Bishopton, Renfrewshire, after a tip-off from an ex-worker to the Care Commission.

Yesterday, we told how teenager Ashley Johnston, now 16, claimed she had been beaten black and blue by staff in a catalogue of assaults.

The latest alleged victim to come forward, who wants to remain anonymous, was sent to the school for 21 months from 1973 to 1975 because she was playing truant.

She said: "It was a living hell in the Good Shepherd and my time there will hauntme for the rest of my life.

"When I read the Record, I couldn't believe all those terrible things were still going on in this day and age.

"It should have been stopped a long time ago and maybe if I had spoken up at the time, it would have helped highlight it.

"When I got released at the age of 16, I tried to block out the abuse and pretend it never happened.

"But no matter how hard I try, the memories of humiliation and degradation always come flooding back."

The woman said her shoes and socks were taken away from her the minute she walked through the door of the Good Shepherd.

She added: "I had to do without them for three months - this was to stop me running away.

"We also had a punishment room which we called the detention room, but it was like a prison cell and the girls who didn't obey the nuns were stripped and locked up naked.

"If you refused to take your clothes off, they would throw you on the floor, hold you down and haul your clothes off. It was humiliating and degrading.

"Inside the detention room there was a steel bucket to pee in, an old army blanket and a cold slab to sleep on.

"The feeling of being locked up in there for 48 hours will never leave me. I shudder to this day."

The woman claimed that if any girl held in the room asked for anything or complained about the cold, the nuns would beat them with a cane or slap and punch them.

She said: "I feel so sorry for the girls who are in there now because it doesn't sound as if it has improved since I was there.

"There must be a full, open inquiry into what has been going on.

The centre is no longer run by nuns but by the Cora Foundation, a Catholic charitable organisation who take in girls referred by councils.

A spokesman for the centre said: "The management are proud of their record in creating an environment where young people with complex social, emotional and care issues can have their needs met."

Exclusive: Good Shepherd abuse probe school to close down after cash crisis

Jan 12 2009 By Ben Spencer

A SCHOOL for troubled girls at the centre of a police probe over abuse claims is set to close.

Police moved into the Good Shepherd Centre in Bishopton, Renfrewshire, in February last year after a tip-off from a former worker to care watchdogs.

Former pupils also reported that they suffered sickening abuse in a "punishment room".

A police investigation found no evidence of any illegal behaviour.

But the residential unit of the school has this week been axed to save funds.

Last night, an insider at the school said: "The unit relies on referrals for girls by local authorities. It is a 36-bed unit but during recent months there have only been about nine to 12 pupils.

"The 11 girls staying there at the moment were told the place was shutting on Monday.

"As you can imagine, they were quite upset because these are girls who need stability in their lives."

The Good Shepherd Centre also includes a secure unit and a day unit, which will remain open. All three units were investigated last year.

At the time, former pupil, Ashley Johnston, 16, told the Record she had been punched in the face and body, kicked and dragged across the floor by her hair.

Another 49-year-old woman said abuse was going on in the 1970s, when the centre was run by nuns.

But police and the Care Commission found no evidence to back the claims.

The Good Shepherd Centre is an independent unit owned and managed by its own voluntary board of managers.

Last night, a spokesman said: "The whole centre was investigated and was totally exonerated. The claims have nothing to do with this.

"The unit has incurred a deficit of almost half a million pounds in recent months.

"Our hope is that we may be able to re-open the facility when funding conditions ease.

"It is heartbreaking, both for the young people and for the staff whose commitment to the girls is remarkable."

The unit will close on March 31, with up to 40 redundancies."

But it didn't.....The cycle of systematic abuse of vulnerable teenagers was allowed to continue, and ultimately, provide more human sacrifice for the hidden dark priests of the ancient mysteries.

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