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Sunday 17 April 2016

The Cain Transformation. Part 4.

I returned to England a bit spooked,  but having acquired a new set of skills which included Zen meditation, which I had perfected while living in Hiro and resisting the psychic attacks of the witches. I had been trying to learn to still my mind for several years and for some reason it all seemed to finally click in Tokyo. Here there was spirituality on every corner,  peaceful shrines and gardens everywhere in the midst of an urban sprawl on an epic scale. I had also cut alcohol and meat out of my daily diet and drank copious amounts of delicious cold green tea which in Japan has the same popularity as coke has in the West. It was here in the house in Hiro which I finally found an answer to the question which has been plaguing me for so long. Do I, or indeed does anyone, actually have a soul?

I had started meditating with strengthened concentration and focus since I realised it was better to defeat the witches, not with an endless series of tiring psychic battles but by transcending them by simply removing them and everything from my mind since constantly exercising my anger and hatred would have a karmic effect on my general spiritual well-being, since anyone who is repeatedly expressing anger rage and destruction will likely nurture and feed that kind of mindset inside themselves.

In fact it is generally wise to be very careful what one gives attention and focus to. I once acquired a Shinto fire demon after attending a New-Year’s Eve temple ritual outside Tokyo where the priests ritually blessed people’s possessions after about an hour of ethereal and disorientating chanting, by waving them in the living fire of the fire demon which the priests had summoned.  We filed out of the temple afterwards and people bowed and prayed to the many headed blackened demon whose statue was tall and frightening. Such a ritual must have something in common with the ancient embodiment and supplication to forces in the ancient world, where time would be spent in prayer and meditation, then some priest magic such as ‘summoning’ the power of the force, in this case, large barrels filled with ritual fire, before a final meeting and supplication to an effigy of the God itself.

I found after this encounter and somewhat mystical experience, that I felt that somehow I had a spiritual defender and protector, which I sorely needed what with the recent psyche games with the Demon King Mr B himself, and now the houseful of witches who can creep into your head in the middle of the night. I felt powerfully protected by an invisible protecting demon, it may just have been a mental creation of my own, a sort of ritualised personal empowerment, or it may have been a real demon. I felt that whenever I felt threatened I could call on this slightly malign spiritual power to defend me. This was fine as an empowering fantasy until the day it actually proved itself to be real and dangerous. I had acquired a half Russian half German girlfriend who herself was in the Illuminati, she had once gone to France while we were dating to see an old male friend and former boyfriend of hers. I had made a rather spiteful prayer that should she try to get up to anything with him behind my back then I would wreak my fire demon on them.

When she returned she told me of how they had gone out to a restaurant and when they returned the flat was on fire because she had left a candle which had set fire to the curtains and badly burnt one the rooms. I admitted that it may have been my fault since I had set my fire demon over them and she admitted she probably would have slept with him has she not accidentally burned his flat which apparently cooled their ardor somewhat.

She also had a Portuguese friend come over to specifically try to recruit me. They always do this, just like in Japan. If any of these people become close to you as friends, girlfriends or even bosses, and they want to recruit you, then they will not ask you themselves, possibly because they like to have plausible deniability and also possible because they don’t want to too radically redefine the relationship, or possibly both.

Her Portuguese friend’s opening gambit was to ask me what made the world go around. After a moment’s actual thought I gave an answer: ‘Love.’ I said. It was obvious, without love nothing would get done because there would be no reason to do it, if it were all done without love it would be doomed to fail, which perhaps explains why the Illuminati are slowly taking this world into complete destruction. He shook his head and smiled a wolfish smile. “Money.” He said, “Money makes the world go around.” “That’s just a stupid song, I thought you were asking me seriously.” It turns out he was asking me seriously and this was his attempt to recruit me with the lure of promises of money, I defended my position saying that the present money driven world economy isn’t sustainable as there has to be a limit to economic growth and profit on a finite planet. He didn’t seem  able to grasp this however, and one finds that this is a theme amongst the Illuminati, they are not allowed to think for themselves and must follow whatever flawed thesis is popular amongst them at that time.

Now of course the Illuminati thesis has changed from what it was in 2005, endless growth and profit, now it’s about mulling over some kind of mass extinction event and if one doesn’t arrive then it might be necessary to make one happen. However this aim may well have already been achieved through the Fukushima disaster which is presently wiping out most of the Pacific marine life. The choice euphemism the media are presently using is ‘el nino’ a mysterious ‘warm patch’ in the Pacific which has the power to make thousands of Humpback whales completely disappear and fail to make their annual journey to Hawaii where whale watchers have been left watching little but the rolling waves of an increasingly irradiated Pacific ocean.

I received a phone call from my girlfriend at that time asking me if I wanted to join or not. I said I didn’t. She told me she was glad. Was she told to say that or did she really believe it? It’s all very strange. This was a very similar situation to that which I found myself in after returning from Egypt in the summer of 2007. I arrived from the dry fossilised heat of Cairo International Airport in the City of the Sun to make my way down to Brighton in an absolute endless deluge. I moved on to Bournemouth and seemed to have arrived in the midst of a Biblical event, the attempted drowning of the UK. I realised that some force was at work here, whether occult, Haarp or chemtrails or all three. It was clear England was in the midst of a weather war and since I had seemed to have become tuned to the spirits of the atmosphere and the invisible energies which direct the weather I realised I was the only one in a position to change anything. Each day was an endless battle against the damp earth and the chem-trails pouring out from  behind the unmarked military aircraft hiding high above the clouds.

It was slow work and because it had been raining all month it seemed almost that the weather had fallen into a rut. I finally broke the back of the rain on the 7th July 2007 when I went to London to watch the tour de France in both Greenwich then later in the day, to the royal Mall and it was here that the threat of weather war and a drowned Britain was finally averted. Of course if you do not believe that the human mind is capable to some extent of influencing its environment and controlling the elements then none of this will mean an awful lot to you.

If however you realise that there might just be something that exists which contemporary science doesn't want to talk about and what the secret societies don't want you to know about, which has been recorded in religious texts, magical treatises and the traditions of indigenous people the world over, the you might be able to discover these possibilities in your own life. If you don't believe in any possibilities beyond what science tells us is real then this will be your reality. Closing your mind to possibilities means those possibilities also close themselves to you.

I found a place on Easy Room Mate in a house down Capstone Place in Bournemouth, and again I seemed to find myself in a living ritual unfolding in the social interactions and apparently chance circumstances. I had just come from Egypt and had become aware of the symbolic ritual of the capstone while in Cairo and had visited the Cairo museum an looked at the highly important Benben stones, or Pyramidion which capped the very top of the pyramid and it represents the Benben mound which was the first ground to rise above the waters and meet the rays of the sun. So this represents the interaction between matter and light and hence life itself.

The Phoenix, notice the solar crown which was also associated with Egyptian deities and later, Christian saints.

The Phoenix of Greek myth actually goes back to Egypt where it was known as the Benu bird, in fact it was Herodotus who relates to us the strange, unlikely and wholly symbolic story of the Phoenix:

There is also another sacred bird called the phoenix which I did not myself see except in painting, for in truth he comes to them very rarely, at intervals, as the people of Heliopolis say, of five hundred years; and these say that he comes regularly when his father dies; and if he be like the painting, he is of this size and nature, that is to say, some of his feathers are of gold colour and others red, and in outline and size he is as nearly as possible like an eagle. This bird they say (but I cannot believe the story) contrives as follows:setting forth from Arabia he conveys his father, they say, to the temple of the Sun (Helios) plastered up in myrrh, and buries him in the temple of the Sun; and he conveys him thus:he forms first an egg of myrrh as large as he is able to carry, and then he makes trial of carrying it, and when he has made trial sufficiently, then he hollows out the egg and places his father within it and plasters over with other myrrh that part of the egg where he hollowed it out to put his father in, and when his father is laid in it, it proves (they say) to be of the same weight as it was; and after he has plastered it up, he conveys the whole to Egypt to the temple of the Sun. Thus they say that this bird does.

The Benben stone, representative of the first interactions between light and matter and the creation of life. 

Horus with the initiates on the barque of Ra with the Bennu bird or phoenix leading the way.
Herodotus was told a symbolic story to represent and possible obfuscate the mysteries of the Phoenix which in reality is an embodiment of the solar logos. It is likely that the details furnished to Herodotus were poor translations, or Chinese whispers of the actual reality of solar-initiation. Being 'buried in myrrh' possibly refers to the sealing of the Pharaoh of King, not in an egg of myrrh but in a granite sarcophagus, where one might presume, he meditates and confronts his absolute self, within what Herodotus calls The Temple of the Sun or The Great Pyramid. He likely crosses the void and finds within himself the true reality and the light within, which is connected to the external sun. Every living thing on Earth is connected to the electrical and magnetic vortices of the sun.

The word Pyramid itself and its connection to 'fire' as in the word pyro- as in pyromaniac or pyrotechnic, in addition to the phoenix's traditional connection to fire; we are dealing with fire but it is the spiritual fire of the sun. This energy matrix is integral to our soul energy and higher self. The holographic nature of the material world will continue to be revealed, at least to those who take an interest in the ongoing researches and developments in quantum physics.

To be continued....

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